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SEOWizard is an Ireland SEO and Web Design agency for small businesses in Ireland. We also provide social media marketing, PPC services and consultancy in the above fields. We understand that every company has unique requirements and budgets. Therefore, we customise our services to deliver premium service value to our clients at competitive prices. Use the full potential of search engines for your business advantages. 

Search engine marketing agency Ireland - core services

Our solutions are effective because we operate simultaneously in Four areas

Search engine optimisation in Ireland (SEO Ireland) is a digital marketing strategy to boost your business visibility. We can accomplish that by improving your website’s ranking in search results. We can accomplish that by improving your website visibility in search results. This leading process aims to implement the most crucial assumption, including link building strategy to increase traffic to the website. More traffic means more customers and more outstanding sales.


The Google Ads campaign is an ideal digital marketing solution for various industries. Perfect advertising for small, medium, and large businesses in Ireland. Quick planning and implementation of the campaign enable immediate effects. You will reach people willing to buy your goods with our help.

Web Design

Our digital agency will create a new website or refresh an existing one. Nowadays, it is your business card and the first form of contact with your clients. It must be original. It also needs to be user-friendly engaging, ideally expressing your niche and perfectly optimised. Your website must represent your business.

Social Media Digital Marketing and Management

We can establish a profile on one of the most popular platforms. We can use them as an excellent connection channel with current and new clients as an ideal tool to promote your business. Alternatively, we can use an actual one, optimise that, and conduct it for you in a high-performing way.

SEO Ireland

Our SEO lead to the top!

SEO is one of the essential digital marketing strategy for every Irish company that intends to have a leading place in the market in its niche.

High rank in the Google search engine for keywords appropriate for your business guarantees that your website will be visited by potential customers daily. It also translates to more organic traffic and sales of your products and services.

It's good to be seen!

SEO Ireland is a nationwide SEO. Ireland SEO services are for those companies in Ireland which want to be visible nationwide. SEO is the perfect solution for wholesalers, transport companies, shopping networks, restaurant chains, car rental companies, stores that sell online, eCommerce and many more. SEO Ireland is also an SEO service for those who have so far been selling products and services locally and have decided to increase their range. If you want to be more visible on the Internet and increase the number of customers and sales, contact our SEO consultant today.

Why choose our Ireland SEO agency?

Our SEO company Ireland has the necessary experience, skills and evidence of previous SEO projects and their results. 100% of our clients with whom we started cooperation in the last two years stay with us. We are on the Clutch list of the best SEO companies in Ireland. Check our SEO Case Study.


How do we work?

We start with a meeting where we want to learn more about your company and its goals. Then we conduct a thorough audit of your website. We examine its technical condition and audit the elements on the website.

We define an effective SEO strategy and start an SEO project at the next stage. We analyze your competition and select keywords appropriate for your industry. We also check the profile of incoming links and overall visibility on the Internet. Every month, we provide an SEO report to present you with the progress of our work.

Confused about which service to go for?

We only work with ONE BUSINESS in one industry in one lacation!


3in1 Package is dedicated to those who decided to launch a business in Ireland and want to be quickly visible on the internet. The bundle includes a new website, optimisation, integration of search engine, social media profiles, and online promotion. All you need for a good start!


Website Creation


Leading SEO


Social Media Marketing


We use only the newest and proven solutions

We understand that each business in Ireland is different, so it requires an individual approach. We are happy to adjust our strategies and solutions to your company's needs. The SEO Ireland we offer is complete and meets the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

After the project is closed we still support you

Search engine requirements and algorithms are constantly changing. In the event of changes, we inform you and take action. The essential part of our SEO Ireland is to handle consistent and continuous monitoring of your business website after completing the project.


PPC is the most efficient search engine marketing system on the Internet. Over 38.6% of all advertisements that appear on the web are published and disseminated through it. Even poorly optimized websites are guaranteed to be at the top with PPC ads. Start to sell immediately with our digital agency services.

Social media marketing is the paid advertisement displayed on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Our digital agency will help you build your brand awareness and generate sales. We create campaigns targeted at selected recipients, which significantly affects their effectiveness.

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Nowadays, distance doesn't matter, especially in the case of digital services. It doesn't change the fact that we can be anywhere in Ireland in a few hours. However, we know from experience that customers are satisfied with the video meetings and detailed SEO reports that we provide. It saves a lot of time. The results are also visible directly because after a few weeks the number of customer calls and sales transactions increases.

Choose the service you need, and leave the rest to us. Check also SEO London, SEO Cork, SEO Galway, SEO Dundalk, Web Design Dundalk, SEO Belfast

The beginning of cooperation is related to SEO consultations and then the execution of an SEO audit. If a potential client decides to cooperate with us, further fees will be paid in a monthly subscription. In the case of one-time SEO Boost - we set the SEO costs before starting cooperation. We start the project after paying for the SEO service.