We run advertising campaigns on Facebook, which increases the reach of your business. You will reach people who will visit your company’s Facebook profile, go forward to the website, and purchase the product or use your services.


Facebook Ads is an advertising system integrated with one of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook. The advertisement is displayed simultaneously on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the Audience Network. Advertising on Facebook display to users who are at different stages of the purchasing process. The system works on the principle of precise targeting to a specific group of recipients. 

That means that the appropriate configuration of the ad allows you to reach people from the target group, so each of them can become a potential customer. Using Facebook Ads for your Dublin or Ireland Business will attract new customers, build awareness about your business and remind regular customers.


3.2 Million
Base on statista.com“The number of Facebook users in the Republic of Ireland is expecting to reach 3.2 million users by 2025… “. All users deliver to the Facebook database lots of exact information such as demographics, our interests, and locations to generate a recipient’s profile.


First of all, you need to choose the marketing goal of your Facebook ads, which determines the activity to which the ad is encouraging. The Facebook Ads system allows you to define your campaign’s goal in three general categories:


Such as brand recognition and range
That is the first stage of which the aim is to arouse interest in the company and what it has to offer, i.e., products and services.


Include traffic, activity, messages, video views, application installations, and contacts acquisition
It's about reaching people who are already interested in what the company has to offer. The goal is to get people who are engaging or wanting to learn more about your offer.


Phone calls, e-mail inquiries, selling the product, using the service, direct visits to the company. The aim is to generate a specific, company-relevant conversion. The customer purchases a product, service, or acquiring a lead
Specifying an ad's target affects its location, format, and audience selection. The campaign's goals are adjusted to the business assumptions of your company and depend on what stage of development the company. If your business is new and not very recognizable, it is worth building recognition and range. Then, over time, encourage people to buy a product or service, participate in an event and attract new customers.


  • People are always on social media

    80% of internet users have their profiles on Facebook and it doesn’t matter what age. Statista.com says that in Ireland “the number of monthly active internet users is projected to reach 4.11 million individuals…” in 2025. It means that 77% will use Facebook.

  • The most targeting form of ads

    We can exactly control where ads are addressed to. Thanks to the Facebook database we can target ads to a specific group of people, age, gender, type of interests, and location.

  • Great content promotion

    Apart from promoting products or services, we also promote content with Facebook ads, which contributes to an increase in organic traffic. It also positively influences the company’s image.

  • Display ads on social media at the same time

    The ads can be displayed at the same time on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, and this increases the range of our advertisements and significantly reduces their costs.

  • Facebook advertising and brand awareness

    Facebook advertising will promote and build your brand awareness. It is an easy way to make people aware of what you have to offer. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase your products or services.

  • Opportunities on promotions

    There are great opportunities to promote all range of your products or services when you are promoting one only with Facebook ads. And this is happening because when people click on a link that is associated with your advertisement can get directly to your website.

  • Remarketing

    The Facebook feed displays advertisements for people that were somehow engaged with your services or products before. That’s called remarketing. Sometimes it happened that your customer just forgot about you for some reason but it doesn’t mean he left. Facebook ads can easily get him back, specifically because these people are already familiar with your products or services.

  • Efficiency

    Facebook advertising is fast. You do not need to wait long for results. You attract thousands of people immediately. Facebook advertisements are the best solution to drive traffic, conversions, and new customers.

  • Mobility

    Facebook advertising is mobile. Most internet access has a mobile source. Over 80% of people use mobile for social media and Facebook is one of the greatest mobile applications that ever exist. It means that your products or services can be advertised to your audience on the devices they use every day.

  • Cost-effective

    Facebook ads are budget-friendly fully controlled and cost-effective. We can fully manipulate the cost of Facebook ads in budget settings. We can easily increase or decrease it at any time. Facebook is a very cost-effective advertising system. The benefits of Facebook advertising are endless. Facebook advertising is cheaper than most alternative sources of advertising.

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Advertising formats available on Facebook

Facebook Ads campaigns allow you to create a message using several universal ad formats. We can reach users with the help of photos, videos, news, stories, slideshows, product collections, demo (interactive preview of the application before downloading), as well as by presenting an advertisement on Messenger.


This is an essential advertising format in the form of an image. That can be created directly from a Facebook page. However, it is worth ensuring high quality.


The format is available on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Audience Network. It allows placing images or videos with separate links to products in one ad.


Ads format similar to a video to create and play at any connection speed. We can create a slideshow from a movie or by using images.


We can prepare video advertisements for photos and films. Facebook ads displays videos in news, stories, and in-stream, i.e., video targeted by audience groups.


A Stories ad is a dynamic, full-screen format that can appear on Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram as an image, video, or carousel.


Users will see the ad in the app's Chats tab. When clicked, the ad will redirect the recipient to the Messenger view with the call to action button and then to the selected places: website, application, or Messenger conversation.


Allows you to go from discovering a product directly to purchasing place. The ad contains a base video or image with four smaller images. Facebook allows for four ad templates in collection format: instant store, instant presentation, narration, and instant customer acquisition.

Demo ads

An interactive video ad on Facebook and Audience Network, designed to promote mobile applications.

Instant material

Allows you to create a full-screen, fast-loading advertisement optimized for mobile devices. The ad may include photos, videos, carousel cards, photos with marked products.

How do we operate

We start working on an advertising campaign from getting to know our client’s needs. We are committed to obtaining as much information as possible about the company, customers, industry, and competition. Based on this data, we define the target group and together set the goals of the campaign.

Then we prepare proposals for the ideas of the campaign, define its potential and implement it. When creating advertisements, we use our visual creativity and the latest software. We help in creating advertising text and advice with content.

We are in constant contact with clients, informing them about the effects and budget. By implementing the campaign’s assumptions, we optimize it following the latest trends, using the available solutions of the Facebook Ads system. We test various formats and advertising messages to choose the most effective options.

We run sales and remarketing campaigns for e-commerce. This type of advertising allows you to present products known from the store’s website to Facebook users.

Facebook operated as an auction. On Facebook, you pay for clicking, viewing, or taking action. The price per click depends on specific settings, e.g., location and target audience. The cost of advertising on Facebook can be set in the daily or total budget when determining the ad emission.

Seven reason to choose SEOWizard

  • • We have the necessary experience, knowledge and we operate comprehensively.
  • • We are always up to date and follow the latest trends and technologies.
  • • We work individually with each of our clients.
  • • We manage the project and advise.
  • • We guarantee transparency of activities, thanks to which clients can follow the possibilities of implemented solutions and present their suggestions for changes.
  • • Graphic designers and copywriters specializing in handling social media profiles are involved in advertising campaigns on Facebook.
  • • We only work with one client from one industry in a specific region.

Facebook Ads Dublin: Customers reviews

WhyNotStyle ie
WhyNotStyle ie
SEO wizard did help us not only with SEO but also helped with website design. He did fix so many errors on the website even those I didn't know that it has to be done. I fully recommend Arthur and his company to all !!! THANK YOU
Paweł Sebastian
Paweł Sebastian
Best service we ever had. Our website is on top in Google for so long !! Arthur helped a lot and gave advices to improve our website. Nothing is impossible with SEO Wizzard
SEba nWo
SEba nWo
One day I ll be old, and I ll sit next to my fireplace and will remind to myself all of the nice and professional people I met in my life and Artur from l SEO Wizzard will be number 1 . professional service , focused on details , great price for service and lots of advices. nothing is impossible. He did more than expected and I can fully recommend.
Finglas Fuels
Finglas Fuels
Absolutely fantastic SEO and Marketing team - they have helped us get to the top 5 Google results for over 180 keywords (we wanted 5 :)) in the last 12 months. They have done an outstanding job with our website and they run successful advertisement campaigns.
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
Working with Arthur is seamless and efficient. What matters most to me is that since Artur has been taking care of my website, the number of clients interested in my services has increased by several hundred percent. I recommend Artur to everyone who expects lasting, measurable results. Thanks Artur and best regards.

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