Local SEO services Dublin


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The local SEO services we offer will help you make your company, products and services visible to customers near your business. Our comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of local businesses.

Local SEO services Dublin
Local SEO for Businesses in Dublin


Local SEO is the service mainly addressed to the local businesses or individuals who acquire customers at the locations where they operate daily or the nearest adjacent areas. That can be understood broadly because, for some companies, local activity refers to a small town or county. For others, it is a large city or even the whole country. Either way, the service aims are the same to increase your website’s visibility for inquiries in search engine related to the services or products in the area you operate.

Boost your local company awareness


Local SEO is also an excellent tool to build awareness about your business or services in the regional area, society, and customers looking for products or services in their immediate vicinity. We offer straightforward solutions tailored to the needs of local businesses.

Boost your local company awareness



When your business is more visible in search results, you will automatically build an immediate advantage over the local competition and automatically develop your business. Become a local leader!


Become visible to local customers and potential clients who quickly need products or services and are currently in your region. The standard query ” … near me” should display your service or company. We know how to rank you high on the Internet to gain more customers and increase your sales. An excellent example is Finglas Fuels. Local coal and solid fuels supplier located in Dublin North.


It often happens that the service or place that people are looking for is located just two streets behind, and they still go to another district or town to buy the same product or service. By becoming visible and easy to find on the internet, your business can help your neighbours save time and money. You will gain new loyal customers.


Part of local SEO is Google My Business listing which we help you optimize. Thanks to which customers know perfectly where your company is located. That is also a great channel to build recognition of your company, visibility in Google Maps connected to navigation to your place, quick access to contact data and the perfect place for customers to leave a review.

What businesses should be promoted locally?

If you have a company whose products or services are aimed at local customers, it makes no sense to promote your company nationally or globally. It will be not only a waste of money but also a waste of time. Even if it succeeds, because your business is unique, it will not bring the expected benefits. There are examples of companies to be promoted locally: florists, repair shops, car repair garages, hairdressers, catering, beauty shops, local corner stores, solid fuels trading and other local services. It is essential to reach the customer interested in using the service, lives or works in the area or is a quick passing through.

Why local SEO is better for local businesses than global SEO?

Therefore, appearing high in the search results for global phrases does not guarantee that a person who enters a local company’s website from such a phrase aims to use its services. A potential customer staying in Dublin South will not be looking for a car wash located in Dublin North near the airport. Even if, after entering the phrase “car wash”, google displays results from all over Dublin, then he/she will surely change for “car wash near me” or “car wash Bray” or “car wash Dundrum”. Adding a town name will narrow down the search results to a specific location.

How are people searching on google?

People looking for a company operating in a certain location, such as a barbershop or pharmacy, in most cases do not enter “barber” in the search engine. Still, to quickly obtain a relevant result, they most often specify the search term more precisely and add a location to it, eg “barber Santry” or “pharmacy Glasnevin”.

Are you running a service or company operating locally?

Appearing high in the google for phrases related to the company’s location and ​​its services significantly increases the chance of reaching users interested in using the offer. That is why it is so important not to act to the detriment of your own business. Instead of promoting yourself as a global service provider, it is more beneficial to focus on your target audience.

Therefore local SEO be a great choice!

When determining the location of the services provided, e.g. in the case of a pharmacy or a plumber, it should not be important to appear high for people from a city 30 or 100 miles away, but residents of the same town, district or street. It is worth emphasizing that the high bounce rate, which results from leaving the website quickly and returning to the previous search results, negatively affects the ranking and causes deterioration of positioning results.

Being a local company, there are no logical reasons to optimise the website on nationwide expressions.

In optimising the websites of local companies for regional phrases, the strength of their competitiveness often allows for faster results and greater effectiveness of this form of SEO. This combined with high conversion rates will make us feel the real benefits of local SEO on the market almost immediately. However, it should not be forgotten that SEO is a long-term process and no one can guarantee that you will be able to see the final optimisation effects after a week or month.
It is important to consider the phrases for which we want to rank our local company containing the location name. It will allow us to link to a particular location faster. Also, a marker on a Google Map and Google Business profile helps users identify where the company is based.

How to promote your local business?

Following basic factors are the absolute base for thinking about promoting a business in a certain area is to have a physical company address. It should be visible on the website because it will determine the main location in which the company operates. In the case of local SEO, the company’s address on its website is also one of many ranking factors because it shows trust.
The following elements are necessary for effective local ranking: company name, company address and contact details marked by schema.org structured data, i.e. special tags that allow search engine robots to quickly recognize contact details and better understand the content of the website.

To put everything briefly.

Summarize! Suppose your business activity is limited to a specific geographical area, e.g. a city, district or province. In that case, it is worth focusing on local SEO that will promote your company where there is the greatest chance that customers will use its services. Here are a few reasons why you should rank your website locally and which will contribute to greater recognition of your business in a specific location.
• Building brand awareness and trust in the local area.
• Increase of valuable traffic on the website that is converting for real profit
• Greater chance to sell products or services thanks to quick availability in the user’s area.
• Acquiring new customers and strengthening the brand image.
• Reaching customers currently residing in a given region.
• Optimization of the company’s listing on Google, so customers can find the company, get the necessary information and issue a review.
• Competitive advantage and the ability to expand your strategy to general positioning.
• NEW SEO strategies will strengthen your brand on the local market!