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Local SEO will efficiently improve the search visibility of your company and brick-and-mortar stores in a specific geographic area. Thanks to local SEO, your company website will get an increase in organic traffic, leads and sales from local customers.


of searchers for something nearby result in a purchase


of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day


of people who search on their smartphones visited a store within a week


Local SEO is the process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines when people search for products or services like yours in their local area. As a result, your business can reach more customers and generate more revenue.

The local SEO service is addressed to the local Ireland companies or individuals who acquire customers where they operate daily or the nearest adjacent areas.

Regarding local SEO services in Ireland, you need a trusted agency that can effectively promote and help you grow your business. Schedule a video call or call us to check our monthly local SEO packages.


Local SEO is also an excellent strategy to build awareness about your business or services in a specific geographic area and customers looking for products or services in their immediate vicinity. We offer straightforward solutions tailored to the needs of local businesses to help your local business to appear high ranking in the search result within the geographic area. Contact us today to check our monthly local SEO packages Ireland.


Local SEO costs can vary depending on the size and scope of your business and digital marketing spend. However, it is typically a cost-effective investment that pays off in the long run. SEO costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month depending on the services purchased and the number of projects completed. Researching and finding the best local SEO services for your budget is essential. The cost of local SEO can be well worth the investment as it can help drive more consumers to your business, improve your online presence, and lead to success.

Local SEO Booster

start from €320

(Once Off setup and initial SEO)

For new business websites or individual websites that want to be visible online.

Local Business SEO

starts from €220

(monthly subscription)

For new and existing websites that want to sustainably increase their ranking in Google

Local SEO Maintenance

starts from €120

(monthly subscription)

For all websites after the SEO process to monitor and keep existing ranking



When your business becomes more visible in search results, you will automatically build an immediate advantage over the local competition and quickly develop your business. Your company will become a regional market leader!


Your business will be visible to local customers and potential clients who quickly need products or services and are currently in your area. The standard query ” … near me” should display your service or company. We know how to rank your website high to gain more customers and increase your sales.


It often happens that the service or place that people are looking for is located just two streets behind, and they still go to another district or town to buy the same product or service. By becoming visible and easy to find on the internet, your business can help your neighbours save time and money. You will gain new loyal customers.


Part of local SEO is Google My Business listing which we optimize for you. Customers will find your company location and directions. That is also a great channel to build recognition of your company, visibility in Google Maps connected to navigation to your place, quick access to contact detail and the perfect place for customers to leave a positive review.


Google My Business allows you to create a profile for your business and automatically place it on Google Maps. In this way, customers can see the company location on the map, get to know its exact contact details (name, address, telephone number), opening hours, view photos, videos and posts.

A Google My Business allows Internet users to rate and leave opinions about the company, services or products. Positive opinions increase both the credibility and visibility of the business. They are an important signal to potential customers that it is worth using the services or buying products in your shop. Taking care of the quality of the assortment and a high level of service are thus rewarded. There is also nothing to stop you from asking satisfied customers to leave their opinion about your company, which is part of the SEO campaign.

If you are a sole-trader, small or medium-sized company, local search engine optimisation is worth choosing. Local SEO is part of a general SEO focused on a specific area promoting a website in search engines such as Google or Bing, only in a particular location for selected key phrases. Your goal is county, city, town or district. You found us because perhaps you type “SEO services near me” Let people find you on keyword terms, “Bakery near me”, “florist near me” or “lawyer near me”.

Examples of local keywords: pub Dundrum, corner shop Ranelagh, hairdresser Howth, medical centre Bray, beautician Wicklow, lawyer Sligo, mechanic Santry, gym Grand Canal, dentist near me.

The goal is to put the website high in the search results for specific locations and local keywords. That allows you to promote the services or products offered in the vicinity. If you are a new or small company targeting the local market, this type of SEO is for you. In this way, you can reach customers who will actually benefit from your company’s offer and contribute to increasing your profits and development.

An essential part of local SEO is also the correct configuration and management of Google My Business, closely related to Google Maps. It allows you to create a company profile with the most important information, location, products and services offered, and contact details. Google my Business properly configured ensures the appearance of your company not only high in the local listing of Google but also in Google Maps.

Google my business


On-Page SEO and Location Signals

In addition to the standard optimisation factors for each website, we pay special attention to optimisation for mobile devices and the appropriate selection of keywords. The correct placement of specific keywords to a given location and precisely identify a product or service is critical to local SEO. Contact information (NAP) is an essential factor in determining your business location by Google algorithms.

Google my Business

Google my business is one of the essential elements of local SEO. The information provided in GMB, such as contact details, product categories, service, opening hours, and most importantly, location, make it easy for potential customers to reach your company with Google Maps. Proper configuration of this tool allows you to increase the visibility of your company on the internet immediately.

Local Listing, Backlinks and Citations

Being listed in local online business directories is a great opportunity to increase your online presence and gain valuable backlinks. However, it should be remembered that information about the company in different catalogues must be consistent. Quotes are references to a company containing the most important contact information such as company name, address and telephone number (NAP). Search engines pay attention to citations to provide the user with information about the products, services and companies they are looking for.

Social Signals

Using key phrases and terms in your published content related to localisation, significantly improves your search ranking. Presence in social media, newsgroups in your Ireland business area, and local advertisements for your products and services increase the visibility and recognition of your business and generate your website traffic. That has a positive effect on your website’s ranking in search results.

Online Reviews

Before purchasing or selecting a service, customers almost always search for opinions or information about the company. Positive online reviews are often a decisive factor for the customer and Google’s algorithms. Companies with many positive, authentic and diverse opinions appear higher in the search engine rankings. Encouraging your customers to leave positive reviews across platforms like Google is a significant part of a local SEO strategy.


Do You Know…

28% of searchers for something nearby result in a purchase

80% of people who search on their smartphones visited a store within a week

76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day

The clients will get to know your company before you get to know them

Checking services and products on the internet, but making purchases in a stationary shop, dominates the local market. Before a client goes to a restaurant, doctor, solicitor, car garage, and other service outlets in their area, they check the company on Google. Usually, customers look for directions, opening hours, a price list, and special offers.

The physical Irish company address that is visible on the website is crucial. It will determine the primary location in which the company operates. In local SEO, the company name and phone on the website are also one of many ranking factors. All together are called NAP (name, address, phone). The NAP elements are necessary for influential local ranking. NAP details are marked by schema.org structured data, i.e. unique tags that allow search engine robots to quickly recognise contact details and better understand the website’s content. Because of local SEO, they always find your company!

Promote your local business locally

Suppose you have a company in Kerry that products or services are aimed at local customers. In that case, it makes no sense to promote your company nationally or globally. It will be not only a waste of money but also a waste of time. Even if it succeeds, because your business is unique, it will not bring the expected benefits.

There are examples of companies to be promoted locally: florists, repair shops, car repair garages, hairdressers, catering, beauty shops, local corner stores, solid fuels trading and other local services. It is essential to reach the customer interested in using the service, who lives or works in the area or quickly passes through. There are no logical reasons for local businesses to optimise their website on nationwide phrases. It is more beneficial if people find you by typing “GP near me”, “dentists near me”, or “roofers near me”. Many clients found us with “SEO services near me”.

While optimising the websites of local companies for regional phrases, the strength of their competitiveness often allows for faster results and greater effectiveness of this form of SEO. Combining with high conversion rates will make us feel the real benefits of local SEO on the market almost immediately. However, it is essential to remember that SEO is a long-term process. Nobody can guarantee that you will see the final optimisation effects after a week or month.

It is helpful to consider the phrases we want to rank our local company containing the location name. It will allow the Google algorithm to link your business to a particular location faster. Also, a Google Map and Google Business profile marker help users identify where the company is based.

Local SEO is more effective for local businesses than global SEO

Appearing high in the search results for global phrases does not guarantee that a person who enters a local company’s website from such a phrase aims to use its services. A potential customer staying in Dublin South will not be looking for a car wash located in Dublin North near the airport. Even if, after entering the phrase “car wash”, Google displays results from all over Dublin, then they will surely change for “car wash near me” or “car wash Bray” or “car wash Dundrum”. Adding a town name will narrow the search results to a specific location. Simply schedule a phone call and check our monthly local SEO packages Ireland.

However, a well-optimised website appears in the local search results for phrases describing the offer, even if the user does not add the city name to the search phrase. It is worth emphasising that the high bounce rate, which results from leaving the website quickly, negatively affects the ranking and causes deterioration of rank in search results. And that is what happens when a customer enters a page found on the internet but leaves it immediately because he cannot use the service or buy the product.

Local SEO is an absolute must in this case. When searching for the local pharmacy or plumber, it is not necessarily positive that the website appears high in the search results for people from a city 80 miles away. It should appear high in search results for residents of the same town, district or street. That is the main difference between general SEO Dublin.

The way people search in Google is intuitive and automatic but targeted

People looking for a company operating in a specific location, such as a barbershop or pharmacy, in most cases do not enter “barber” in the search engine. Still, to quickly obtain a relevant result, they most often specify the search term more precisely and add a location to it, e.g. “florist Cork” “barber Santry”, “local SEO Finglas”, “SEO Dundalk”, “coal Dublin” or “pharmacy Glasnevin”.

Appearing high in Google for phrases related to company location increases the chance of reaching users interested in using the offer. That is why it is so important not to act to the detriment of your own business. Instead of promoting yourself as a global service provider, it is more beneficial to focus on your target audience.


Local SEO marketing is an essential element of any successful online marketing strategy. It involves optimising content for search engine algorithms to appear higher in search engine results.

Content marketing is vital in SEO marketing and consists in creating informative, engaging, and relevant content to attract potential customers and build brand loyalty.

A content marketing strategy should be tailored to the specific goals of a business and should include elements such as keyword research, content creation, and promotion. Digital marketing agencies can help companies to create a content marketing strategy and manage their content marketing efforts.

Additionally, businesses should consider investing in digital marketing tools, such as analytics software, to track the success of their content marketing efforts and report on the results. Finally, businesses should incorporate automation into their content marketing efforts to ensure they use the most efficient and effective content marketing methods.

By leveraging all these elements, companies can maximise their digital marketing spending and ensure their marketing strategies are successful.

Our team is here to focus on your local SEO, help with web design, use social media management, and more to take your firm to the next level. We’re here to deliver revenue-shifting results for your firm, and you pay when the job is complete!

Suppose your business activity is limited to a specific geographical area, e.g., city, district, or province. In that case, it is worth focusing on local SEO that will promote your company where is the most excellent chance that customers will use its services.

Here are a few reasons why you should rank your website locally and contribute to greater recognition of your business in a specific location.

  • 01

    We provide a service for Only One Customer in a specific industry in one area
  • 02

    We are transparent in action. We deliver a work progress report every month.
  • 03

    We offer competitive and affordable prices.
  • 04

    You pay for the entire service only after we achieve the desired results.
  • 05

    We have all the necessary experience and proven results of our work.
  • 06

    After completing the task, we provide advice and assistance.

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