We offer a service to assist websites on which Google has imposed a penalty, in rebuilding their online reputation. Our service works to remove negative factors that have impacted the website, enabling it to regain lost traffic and ranking.

Penalty recovery

Google penalty removal and website recovery

The main objective of Google is to provide users with relevant information. A failure to adhere to Google guidelines may result in dramatic consequences such as a website losing organic traffic, search visibility, brand reputation, and revenue. Therefore, Google may penalize any website which does not comply with their standards.

manual penalty


Manual penalties can be more easily rectified, as Google will often inform website owners of the issue via their Search Console account. Should any such information become apparent, site owners must act quickly and contact us to address any issues.

Alghorithm penalty


Google algorithms, Panda and Penguin, seek out issues which result in penalties to websites without prior warning. This penalty can have repercussions on website traffic and ranking; consequentially reducing them significantly. After completing a comprehensive audit of the website and its backstage, our experts formulate a detailed plan.

3 Main reasons for imposing penalties on the website


Poor website content quality and length may constitute thin content, which can negatively impact a website’s search engine position. Content duplication, or the presence of identical text across multiple pages within a domain or copied from other sources, is also not welcome and will be penalized by Google. Additionally, keyword stuffing – or maliciously inserting keywords into text with no relevance to the context – should be avoided. Both thin content and duplication can occur unintentionally; therefore, ensuring 301 redirects direct users to one current domain can help mitigate this risk.

Technical errors

Improperly formulated meta tags – title and description, as well as a lack of optimization scheme can greatly impact Google rankings. Additionally, improper implementation of H2 and H3 headers, and random internal linking from subpage A to unrelated subpage B can be detrimental. We recommend including one or two keywords, the company name, location in the title and an incentive for users to enter the site in the description, in addition to ensuring internal links are thematically relevant.

Unnatural link Building

Link building is an essential component of website ranking. An effective link-building strategy is pivotal to achieving optimal results. It is important to moderate the number and type of links, anchor texts and attributes for good results. Care should be taken to avoid penalties through activities like link farming or buying links from unreliable sources. Furthermore, inadequate optimisation schemes or incorrect use of H2/H3 headers can negatively affect your website ranking, as well as improper internal linking. Links should be made between pages with related themes rather than randomly.

Why Choose Our Google Penalty Recovery Services

Reinstating a website’s rankings requires expertise, knowledge, and patience. To ensure top-notch service, Ranking by SEO Wizard is the ideal choice. Our services include:

Penalty removal services


Our team of experienced professionals offer a Google penalty removal service which follows Google guide updates. We are able to identify the root cause of the issue, advise on best practices to avoid future incidences and assist in restoring penalised sites.


We provide a provisional quotation once we have assessed the situation, and agree to Terms of Co-Operation as confirmed by the Client. We are fully transparent in our reporting and operate with complete disclosure; regular periodical reports will be furnished to detail work in progress, and communication of any delays or problems encountered during the recovery process is immediately implemented. Each case presents individual complexity levels based on many factors, with some taking longer than others to come to resolution.


It can be difficult for businesses to maintain a successful digital marketing strategy without technical support, or in cases of limited budgets. However, incurring a Google penalty is not an outcome that any company would anticipate. Such incidents can result in additional costs and even force the company off the market. We offer economical penalty removal services to rectify such issues and return your website to normal functionality. Our experts would be glad to discuss the associated costs with you and provide a custom cost estimation before proceeding.


Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our operations. No matter the complexity of your website case, we are here to help you reclaim traffic and ranking with no upfront payment or financial risk to you. We are committed to ensuring your website is maintained in optimal condition and will dedicate every effort to its expedited restoration.


Upon completion of the task, we grant you access to all resources – audits, analyses, files and other related material regarding the Google penalty removal service. Additionally, we provide recommendations for protecting your website from suffering future penalties. Furthermore, our doors remain open for any continued cooperation and maintenance of your website under favourable conditions.

Penalties are imposed for non-compliance with Google guide

Online competitiveness necessitates a strong SEO strategy. However, achieving high search rankings is not a straightforward task, due to the frequent updates of Google’s algorithmic guidelines. Businesses which choose to resort to non-compliant solutions in their pursuit of traffic may pay a penalty for their actions.

Penalty recovery chart

Websites may incur penalties from Google for unethical and misleading practices. To adhere to our standards, it is advised that users do not exceed specific limits and abide by our guidelines. We recommend tracking changes to algorithm updates to stay up-to-date on SEO matters. If uncertain about certain activities, please consult specialists to ensure compliance with our policies and avoid penalty action. Unintentional violations may still occur, so we advise website owners to remain cognizant of this risk.

SEOWizard Dublin: Customers reviews

WhyNotStyle ie
WhyNotStyle ie
SEO wizard did help us not only with SEO but also helped with website design. He did fix so many errors on the website even those I didn't know that it has to be done. I fully recommend Arthur and his company to all !!! THANK YOU
Paweł Sebastian
Paweł Sebastian
Best service we ever had. Our website is on top in Google for so long !! Arthur helped a lot and gave advices to improve our website. Nothing is impossible with SEO Wizzard
SEba nWo
SEba nWo
One day I ll be old, and I ll sit next to my fireplace and will remind to myself all of the nice and professional people I met in my life and Artur from l SEO Wizzard will be number 1 . professional service , focused on details , great price for service and lots of advices. nothing is impossible. He did more than expected and I can fully recommend.
Finglas Fuels
Finglas Fuels
Absolutely fantastic SEO and Marketing team - they have helped us get to the top 5 Google results for over 180 keywords (we wanted 5 :)) in the last 12 months. They have done an outstanding job with our website and they run successful advertisement campaigns.
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
Working with Arthur is seamless and efficient. What matters most to me is that since Artur has been taking care of my website, the number of clients interested in my services has increased by several hundred percent. I recommend Artur to everyone who expects lasting, measurable results. Thanks Artur and best regards.

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