Website Design Portfolio

Groom ‘N Go


Project Overview

Groom ‘N Go, a pioneering self-service dog wash facility, was designed to offer a convenient and efficient solution for pet owners in Limerick, Ireland.

Our client aimed to create a user-friendly website that reflected the simplicity and ease of use of their services while enhancing the customer experience through intuitive navigation and engaging design.

The primary objective was to develop an online presence that not only detailed the unique services offered but also encouraged interaction through appointment booking capabilities, service customisation options, and access to expert pet care tips.

Tracking Wheel

Design Process

The project commenced with a comprehensive analysis of the target audience, which included pet owners who value convenience and efficiency and often seek information through digital platforms.

Based on these insights, we adopted an agile development methodology to iteratively design and refine the website’s features. Our process included sketching initial layouts, creating wireframes, and developing prototypes, which were consistently tested for user experience.

Collaborative tools and frequent client consultations ensured that the evolving design remained aligned with the client’s vision and user expectations. Key features implemented included a dynamic booking system, a customisable service selection tool, and a resource hub for pet care.


Outcome and impact

Upon launch, the Groom ‘N Go website significantly enhanced the visibility of the business and improved user engagement. The seamless integration of the booking system led to a noticeable increase in appointments, demonstrating a direct positive impact on the client’s operational efficiency.

User feedback highlighted the ease of navigation and the helpful resources available, which effectively reduced call volumes by providing answers to common queries online. Moreover, the website’s responsive design ensured optimal functionality across all devices, further increasing accessibility and customer satisfaction.

The project not only met the client’s goals but also set a new standard in digital engagement for pet care services in the region.