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Welcome to SEOWizard. We provide Google Ads Management Services for small and medium businesses in Dublin and all over Ireland. Our PPC Agency in Dublin offers Google Ads campaigns as an ideal marketing solution for companies from various industries. You’ll be able to find people willing to take advantage of your offer. Quick planning and implementation reflect immediate sales effects.

Google Ads management prices

Google Ads Setup

start from €180 Once Off

  • Keyword research
  • Setting PPC budget
  • Setting monitoring tools
  • Option for Landing page creation

Google Ads Management

start from €120 monthly

  • Keyword optimisation
  • Tracking performance
  • Monitoring costs
  • Landing page optimisation
  • Monthly report

We know that PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be an expensive marketing tool. However, there are ways to reduce the cost. Our management costs, agency costs, and cost per conversion are all essential factors to consider when determining the price of a PPC campaign. Cost per customer is an important metric to measure success, and the cost of a PPC campaign can be reduced if a business can acquire more customers at a cheaper cost. Companies should also consider the size of their target audience, the type of campaign, and the campaign’s goal. By researching these factors and understanding the market, businesses can ensure that their PPC campaign is affordable for their budget. We care how much you spend!



Google Search Ads are the most popular and widely used. Google Search Ads is a form of PPC that allows you to target users using Google to search for specific keywords. Our Dublin PPC manager will optimise your search campaign to ensure that your ad reaches people searching for your products or services.


Eye-catching Display Ads across numerous websites will help increase public recognition of your business. You can promote the company’s image by combining powerful images with a memorable slogan and CTA (Call To Action). It is also a great way to remind users of your brand who have already visited your website.


Video Ads appear on YouTube in the form of videos and on the sites of Google partners. Now, it is one of the most famous campaigns but challenging to create. It requires the creation of an advertising clip in advance. However, the effectiveness turns out to be much higher. The campaign has enormous growth potential, and we will make it work for you.


Shopping Ads appear on top of searches and the Google Shopping tab. That kind aims to sell your shop inventory. They are visually engaging listings to promote your retail, and the presented form of advertising makes it very easy. Shopping campaigns can significantly grow sales or make buyers’ purchasing journey early. It is the most often used in the promotion of online stores.


This sort is for those who want to attract clients in the nearest locations, such as physical shops, barbers, workshops, restaurants, and services. By promoting your inventory, events, and services, you help clients find your address and operation hours.

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The benefits of PPC Advertising

increasing sells of product and services

Our PPC Advertising in Dublin will grow your revenue using appropriate and accurate Google ADS campaign types. The number of your services increases significantly. Our main goal is to maximise your profit.

acquire valuable leads

We will make you acquire valuable and loyal clients. Our Dublin PPC manager improves the frequency of requests from contact forms by focussing on appropriate targeting. By collecting personal details on your website, you will get visitors who will generate income and become long-term customers.

significant growth of phone calls

Direct contact with the customers allows you to increase the chance of achieving your sales target and enhance service quality. It generates calls. You will have new shoppers and see the effectiveness of the process, thanks to advanced conversion monitoring.

higher website traffic and user engagement

By choosing the right keywords and setting up and developing attractive ads, our Dublin PPC experts can increase your website traffic and maintain an appropriate level of user engagement. With Google Adwords, our PPC services will help you get more valuable traffic.

building brand

With our PPC management services in Dublin, you will effectively acquire broad audience. We will determine the target group you want to gain with your advertising, and we will effectively use the opportunities the Google platform offers. Thanks to our help, your brand will become recognizable.

attract clients who are considering a purchase

Our PPC company in Ireland will effectively help you approach people at every shopping decision stage. You will recover abandoned baskets with promotional offers by getting back old buyers and acquiring loyal clients. Specify to whom and at what stage you want to obtain, and we will do the rest.

PPC Services Agency Ireland

Effective advertising that appears in the right place and time!

It is a sure way to grow your sales, expose your services and visibility on the web and build your branding. By cooperating with a professional PPC team in Dublin, you have a chance that these tools will be used in the best possible way, bringing effects that exceed expectations. Check also our SEO services.

PPC conversion tracking that we use for Google Ads management is a powerful resource that allows us to track the performance of your paid campaigns. It measures the number of conversions (sales, leads, signups, etc.) generated from a particular ad or campaign. Advanced performance tracking takes this concept further by tracking how much each conversion is worth. This allows our PPC experts to adjust the campaigns accordingly to ensure that ads deliver the best results. Edge conversion tracking is an even more advanced tracking method, allowing businesses to track the entire user journey from initial click to final conversion. This helps us better understand our customers and analyse the effectiveness of campaigns, allowing them to continuously optimise their campaigns for maximum success.

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