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PPC Agency Dublin offers Google Ads campaigns as an ideal marketing solution for companies from various industries. Perfect PPC advertising for small and medium businesses in Dublin and all over Ireland. Quick planning and implementation reflect on immediate results. You will reach people willing to take advantage of your offer.


The most popular types of Google Ads campaign

Campaign in search network – text ads on search results with specific targeting

Google Search Ads is the type of PPC adverising that allows your ad to show to who is actively searching on Google for certain keywords. As experienced specialists, we will configure your search campaign to precisely show your ad to those who are currently searching for your products or services.

Display campaigns - Image ads on websites great for remarketing and build brand awareness

Visually engaging Display Ads show across websites to expand your company, call-to-actions and are excellent for re-marketing. Allows you to re-show your brand to users who have already visited your site. For example, a customer left your website without purchasing your goods or making an appointment to use your service. We help you reconnect with your customers by showing them relevant ads while browsing the web.

Video campaigns – Short Video ads on YouTube

Using various Video Ads formats available in the PPC panel can help you boost awareness of your brand and drive conversions or get them to shop on your website. You can meet almost any advertising goal. The video campaign has enormous growth potential, and we will make it work for you.

Shopping campaigns - Product listings on Google ideal for retailers

Shopping Ads appear on search results and the Google Shopping tab at the top of the page. That kind aims to sell your shop inventory. They are visually engaging listings to promote your retails, and the presented form of advertising makes it very easy. It is the most often used in the promotion of online stores. Applying a Shopping (Pay per click)PPC campaign can significantly grow sales or start early buyers’ purchasing journey.

Apps campaigns - Promote your app on many channels

Take benefit of  multi-channel and consists of millions of Apps, Websites, Search, Play, YouTube, Discover. It will help you attract new app users, growth installs, engagement and drive signups of your app on mobile devices.

Local campaigns - Promote locations on many channels

This sort is for those who want to attract people to your firm in nearest locations such as physical shops, barbers, workshops, restaurants, and services. Ads appear across Search, Displays, Google Maps, and YT. By promoting your inventory, events, and services you help clients find your addres and operation hours.

The benefits of PPC services for your DUBLIN and IRELAND business

increase sales in the online or stationary shop and the number of services

Our PPC agency Dublin will boost your sales by using appropriate and proven Google ADS campaign types. The number of your services increases significantly. Our main goal is to maximize your rebenue.

acquire valuable leads

We will make you acquire valuable and loyal clients. Focussing on appropriate targeting, we can improve the frequency of requests from contact forms. By collecting contact details on your website, you will get visitors who will generate income and become long-term customers.

significantly improve the number of phone calls to your shop

Direct contact with the customers allows you to increase the chance of achieving your sales target and improve service quality. It generates phone calls. You will have new customers and see the effectiveness of the process, thanks to advanced conversion monitoring.

get valuable website traffic and user engagement

By choosing the right keywords, setting up and developing attractive ads, we can increase your website traffic and maintain an appropriate level of user engagement. With Google Adwords, our PPC agency Dublin generate more valuable traffic.

build and increase your brand awareness

With our PPC management services Dublin, you will effectively acquire a new and broad audience. We will determine the target group you want to gain with your advertising, and we effectively use the opportunities offered by the Google platform. Thanks to our help, your brand will become recognizable.

attract customers who are at the stage of considering the purchase

Our PPC agency Ireland will effectively help you reach people at every stage of making shopping decisions. Specify us to whom and at what stage you want to achieve, and we will do the rest. You will recover abandoned baskets with promotional offers by getting back old customers and acquiring new and loyal clients.

PPC Services Agency Ireland

Effective advertising that appears in the right place and time for the users

It is a sure way to growth your sales, expose your services and visibility on the web and build your branding. By cooperating with a professional team, you have a chance that these tools will be used in the best possible way, bringing results that exceed expectations.

PPC Agency Dublin: efficient campaigns management

Google Ads Campaign Stages

Define the goals and create strategy

In the first stage, our PPC manager set the direction of the development of our cooperation. Base on your requirements and goals, we use our knowledge and experience to offer you appropriate solutions provided by the Google Adwords. Then, based on the collected data, we prepare a project.

Implement and configure

After you approve the final version of the project, Our PPC agency Dublin does all arrangements on your account. We ensure that Analytics and Tag Manager account (additionally for Merchant Centre) is correctly connected and configured to manage effectively.

Continues monitoring

The  Panel and additional tools provide us with vital information about activity on the web. We regularly monitor processes and effectively achieve the goals. Our work pays a lot of attention to analytics; it helps us take appropriate optimization actions and make changes to assess their impact on the results.

Regularly optimize and analyze results

Our PPC marketing Dublin work on the effectiveness so that it achieves the best possible results. We can improve the parameters of advertisements because we know and understand where they come from and how they interact with each other. We are aiming all optimisation efforts on increasing the number of conversions.

The activity report & substantive support

Weekly or monthly, you receive reports from us to inform you what results have been achieved and describe what activities were undertaken. Regular summaries help you to control the goals, directions, and budget. In addition, you can discuss your ideas related to running it with us at any time – our PPC agency Ireland will be happy to take an active part in the life of your company and advise you whether the course of action you suggest is effective.

6 reasons why you should hire us

We have experience

We are a fast-growing and dynamic company that uses the latest Google advertising platform solutions and proven methods. Our PPC agency Dublin have experience in creating and running larger and smaller campaigns. We have witnessed many changes during the last few years, yet we are updated with the prevailing trends and constantly expand our competencies.

We are certified Google experts

By entrusting us with your business, you can be sure that it is in the hands of experts whose competencies have been certified. Having certification proves that our PPC agency Ireland are trustworthy and meet Google’s quality standards. We operate efficiently, and Google Adwords management services have no secrets for us.

We run efficient campaigns

We work so that our activities provide the best possible results. We effectively analyze and optimize all mechanisms to ensure growth for your business. PPC agency Ireland does not give empty numbers and averaged results because we know that the values depend on the business you run. We are recommended by satisfied customers with whom we have been recent.

We are reliable and responsible

We do not generate unwanted costs by displaying ads to everyone and everywhere. We know how to properly configure a campaign for your budget, promote your business advantages online, and win the right customers. Analyzes support our actions – we do not act blindly. Our PPC agency Dublin treat your money for ads as we would spend our own

We offer absolute transparency

We guarantee transparency at every stage of cooperation. We send monthly assumptions showing activities, results, and every cent you spent. There is no contract if you do not need one. Let the benefits of cooperation be the decisive factor in staying with us for longer!

Our activities are focused and complete

We operate with a focus on achieving the goal. We are concentrating on advertising goals, and we will comprehensively and effectively work on its implementation, starting from account preparation until reporting final results. Additionally, our services are designed to complement each other. We also run PPC campaigns in conjunction with SEO services, Content Marketing, or Facebook Ads.

How does PPC Google Ads work?

The system is based on the PPC (Pay Per Click) model and is the most powerful advertisement method on the Internet. The costs of single clicks vary greatly depending on the phrase’s competitiveness and the ad’s position in the section and range from a few cents to a few euros. With the help of sponsored links, even low-ranked websites in organic traffic immediately appear on the top of the first page in search results because Google Adwords is not dependent on organic SEO factors.

In Google Adwords Search, you pay per click PPC and not for ad impressions. Therefore, we bear the cost of reaching only those who were interested in our advertisement. Such advertising is very flexible. You can set the budget of expenses yourself and even temporarily suspend them. That is why PPC services are budget friendly.


Promotion on the Google Display Network works similar to Adwords in paid search results. The difference is the broadcast of the message not on the pages of the search engine but other websites on topics related to the promoted terms such as forums or blogs reported by the owners to the Google Partners. It is billed in the same way, with the costs of individual clicks being usually lower.

It allows you to advertise on Google Search, YouTube, Shopping, and Apps. The system provides us with, for example, text ads and flexible display ads that visually match the page on which they are displayed. Depending on the type of campaign we choose the right goal in a product campaign, we can focus on sales and conversion, increasing website traffic, or encouraging to interact with the brand.

The most significant advantages of Google PPC campaigns


The effects are immediate, and the ads are always relevant

We know how to act quickly and effectively. Just create an account, determine a target, set your budget, and display your ads. Entrust us with setting up your PPC campaign, and your ads will appear on the web almost immediately.


Tremendous opportunities to reach an audience

The possibilities of reaching clients are practically unlimited – and we know how to use them. We can:

  • Employ keyword targeting and show your ads when someone searches for your keyword.
  • Use the demographic option using information about the age or gender.
  • Exclude or target your ads to specific geographic locations.
  • Exclude or target ads to selected devices.
  • Assign into audience groups and approach them with ads.

Fantastic exposure

Thanks to PPC Services and our knowledge, you have a chance to appear on the first page of the largest search engine! How ads are exposing makes them impossible to miss, so they are more engaging and effective. Thanks to our experience, we know how to make your ads well exposed in right places


Full control on the budget

The campaign in works within the defined daily budget based on your advertising goals and financial possibilities. You pay only when someone clicks (CPC model) or views (CPM model) your ad, and our task is to make sure that it is a potential customer.

why choose us?

In Google Ads, you pay per click, not for ad impressions. Therefore, we bear the cost of reaching only those who were interested in our advertisement. Such advertising is very flexible. You can determine the number of expenses yourself and even temporarily suspend ads during low season or holidays and not incur costs during the said period. We also easily measure the return on investment and check whether the advertisement brings you benefits.


SEOWizard settles accounts with the client based on a specified percentage of the budget we serve. The quotation of service is individual and varies for a different type of business.

Our PPC agency Dublin offers comprehensive service in all types of advertisements. We will help you choose the offer individually depending on the client’s needs and advise which form of advertising and the place for them will be the most effective.

Google Ads management Dublin reviews

Finglas Fuels
Finglas Fuels
Absolutely fantastic SEO and Marketing team - they have helped us get to the top 5 Google search results for over 180 keywords (we wanted 5 :)) in the last 12 months. They have done an outstanding job with our social media and run successful ads campaigns.
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
Working with Arthur is seamless and efficient. What matters most to me is that since Artur has been taking care of my website, the number of clients interested in my services has increased by several hundred percent. I recommend Artur to everyone who expects lasting, measurable results. Thanks Artur and best regards.
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton
Arthur and Dora have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Communication was always in place, they were able to translate for human language all this SEO things, and never did I feel like I was left without answer when working with them. They provided the advertised service and proved that their small agency is more than capable of getting results on the web. I recommended his SEO services to my sister, and she is extremely satisfied as well. Thanks so much!

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