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Your website can be the most powerful tool in your business. Our goal is to create fresh, interesting, modern and original websites with a great user experience.

Creative web design services

Your website can be the most powerful tool in your business. Our goal is to create fresh, interesting, cutting-edge and original websites with a great user experience that engage visitors and customers.

Empower your business with a new website

Our comprehensive web design and development service along with professional SEO strongly enhance your business’s presence on the Internet to help you better connect with your customers.

Existing website redesign

Web redesigning is refreshing or rebuilding website in such a way that after the process it corresponds to the latest trends, stands out with functionality, it is easier to use and, above all, looks modern. While dealing with the modernization of the website we analyze it from the technical, graphic and substantive side. We try to adapt the site to the latest standards, taking care of search engine optimization and functionality.



Up to 7 Pages

For small business or individuals that want to be visible on the internet. Intend to offer products and services to a wider audience.


Up to 15 Pages

For all type of business that wants to be highly recognised on the internet. Website is an integrated part of the business.


Unlimited Pages

For all type of business that wants to be highly recognised on the internet. Website is an integrated part of the business.

The 6 Steps of the Website Design Process


Based on the brief, we can identify the needs of the client and website users. This stage is not omitted by any self-respecting advertising or web design agency. A well-constructed and thoroughly completed brief will be a helpful signpost while designing an online store or website. We need to know the character of the brand or company, scope of activities, target audience, purpose and image and also project budget, timeline, resources and proposed content.



During this step, base on design brief we outline the first ideas and concepts for the website that would fit the client’s specifications.
We plan the content structured throughout the website and how a visitor will access it. A sitemap is essentially an outline of the structure of the pages that will comprise the website. We make the website mockup that is a sketch of a website. This is the concept of the website, which involves the arrangement of individual elements such as a menu, login panel, images, icons, infographics, sliders, logo, contact form and content. A well-created mock-up will set the direction for the future work of the graphic designer and programmer.



Each website needs graphic design. Based on the brief and the functional mock-up, the graphic designer start working on the visual layer of the website or e-commerce. Modern trends focus on minimalism and uniqueness. In this step, website is starting to get a shape. Starting with the selection of a colour theme, the designer dresses the mock-up with visual elements such as buttons, images, graphic elements and fonts. The designer needs to ensure that the web layout offers the best user experience. The pages are not only friendly on the eye but allow the visitors to quickly find what they seek.



When the work on the visual layer of the website is finished, it’s time to “revive the graphics”. Depending on the platform we chose at the planning stage, we start implementing a programming language or content management system such as WordPress. However, they are usually intertwined. At this stage, all useful functions are assigned to graphic elements and contact forms are programmed to send content. We make the website responsive which means it can be used on every type of devices. Developing is not attractive to the client because it covers the part of the website that is not visible to the user.



Before the website is officially launched, it must be tested. If it passes all tests, it should also be checked on the productive server. Any errors on the website can effectively discourage users. When a website goes live, it is the first time we will see all of your new web design code running on. Usually, on this stage, we need to optimise server parameters and website speed. Speed might vary than workup server so it needs immediate optimisation. It is also time to set up all security levels and initial SEO requirements.



The last and final step of the web design process is website maintenance. We always inform and educate our clients in the first stage how important maintenance is for long-term success. Basically, it involves WordPress updates, theme updates, content update, media and graphic updates, security, analytics reports and hosting control. Moreover, search engines requirements and trends change so quickly that times, when the website was designed and left itself on the server, passed away for good. This is also often overlooked by freelancers.



Your website is designed to be available on all types of smartphones, tablets and desktops. The availability of the website from every device and place increases the possibility of reaching more customers. Responsive websites are taking higher ranks in google search results.


The parallel service that we offer is SEO and we are experts in it, we boost your rank on the start to help your company appear on the first page of search results.


Even the greatest website is worthless and will not deliver expected results if it is no well presented in the entire network. As a part of our services, we offer to submit and present your website in social media, Google my Business, search engines, local directories and post promotions. To put it briefly – digital marketing.