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SEO Audit is the First Step In website Optimization Process

SEO audit reveals your website’s weaknesses and strengths, and it’s the first step in the optimization process. SEO audit is an in-depth analysis and assessment of a website’s key elements directly affecting its visibility in Google and other search engines. If you consider to start a SEO service to stay ahead of your competition in Dublin or Ireland, let us audit your website today!

SEO Audit Dublin -Comprehensive SEO Audit Services Ireland


All elements on the website, both internal and external, are visible for regular users and invisible. They all are subject to assessment and verification. It is important to remember that audit is the first step and base for further optimization activities.


* Basic Plan is recommended for those who have never conducted an SEO audit and wants to know the weak points of the website.

* Standard Plan is recommended for those who know that the site is insufficiently visible and shows poor performance.

* Premium Plan is recommended when a website is a significant part of the business and needs to always stay ahead of the competition.

Our SEO Audits Are Comprehensive

SEO AUDIT carried out by our Dublin located team grants you to figure out the weaknesses and strengths of your website. The aim is to increase your website’s visibility on Google, so it is necessary to adapt it to the current search engine guidelines and demands. Audit is the first step in website optimisation process and should be conducted before SEO services. Therefore, before starting the optimization process, we recommend performing the SEO audit of your website. It is an essential element and allows you to recognize the visibility and readability of the website. Thanks to the SEO audit, we can identify website elements that require SEO improvement and indicate the direction of the website’s development. Only a properly optimized and user-friendly website allows you to build an advantage in the business. We provide SEO audits for small and large companies, local companies, and e-commerce in Dublin and across Ireland.

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We perform SEO audits using professional diagnostic tools that check the website in various areas and a manual review. We never limit ourselves to just one diagnostic tool, and the result is a product of our programs’ effects and manual activities. We start with the basics, such as domain visibility and its availability in the Google index. We also verify Google tools integration. In the next SEO audit stage, we deal with technical SEO aspects and On-Page, Off-Page, Website speed performance, mobile usability, and Security. We present all results in the customer panel, where you can download them or deliver them to your email. The report consists of about 30 pages depends on the SEO Audit package. If you doubt the quality of your website, but you want to be on the top of organic search results and grow your business in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland, we need to examine your web.

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Key areas include in SEO Audit Report

Website visibility

Internet visibility is the widespread presence of a company, brand, service, or product on search engines and social media. Your Dublin company may have the best website, but users cannot find it because it is not visible.

We check the exact status of the search index and verify the number of results and the snippets’ appearance. We analyze visibility of your Dublin business website for specific keywords and phrases. We also demonstrate whether the website connects to essential tools such as Google Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager.

If not, we will recommend or implement it. Such a simple analysis, combined with checking the visibility for specific phrases, creates the first conclusions, which are the basis for the next part of the SEO audit. Besides, we also review and evaluate the site’s presence on social media.

Page titles, descriptions, URLs

We verify the elements responsible for the appearance of the website in the search results. Their absence means that the Internet search engine sets these elements by default. They are one of the essential aspects of optimization.

When conducting an SEO audit of your Dublin company website, we evaluate its length, naturalness, and the way keywords are in use. We check the page’s title and description, precisely what people see first after entering keywords and returning the search results.

We also check for possible duplications. URL addresses are an equally important identification element that we pay special attention to in the SEO audit. We evaluate their length, structure, simplification possibilities, and the correctness of the use of keywords.

Technical factors

We analyze availability for crawlers. When conducting an SEO audit, we check the content of the robots.txt file, sitemaps, and head sections of your website. We analyze availability for crawlers. We can determine whether the website’s essential elements are fully available and also if there are any unnecessary elements.

Google robots prefer a transparent and well-organized structure of the website. That makes it easier to navigate not only for them but also for users. Therefore this part of the audit is significant. It is worth noting that the website’s technical elements are usually not visible to an ordinary user.

The correctness of the code structure is one of the crucial factors that rank the website. Capturing technical shortcomings that have eluded the person designing a website and correcting them is essential at the first stages of website positioning. Failure to implement technical corrections may even prevent the effective positioning of the site.

We examine the occurrence and correctness of structured data that help robots understand and index the website more efficiently. We test the event and correct operation of the “Page 404” page. The report also includes data on redirects, broken links, locations, protocols, and much more. We know that technical terms may be incomprehensible to an ordinary user or a person who receives the report. Therefore the report contains a short description of individual elements and their functions.

On-page elements

We check the content value and structure of the website content, both text and graphics. When creating an SEO audit, we check whether the header structure aligns with the recommendations and best practices. Each page contains one H1 heading and several H2 headings. We also evaluate the correctness of using keywords in them. When preparing the SEO audit, we also verify the level of content saturation and its optimization. We check the content of keywords and their density. Too few keywords may result in a website not being properly indexed.


On the other hand, keyword saturation may result in imposing penalties by an algorithm or manual penalties. As part of the SEO audit, we analyze the internal and external duplication of your website content. The report includes information about duplicating content within your website or using the same content on the page. We also examine spelling and grammatical correctness. All graphic elements are checked, including photos, graphics, animations, and films.


To be correctly interpreted by Google, they should have an alternative description related to their content. The alternative description should also be of an appropriate length. Its absence is a severe mistake. Also, it is worth ensuring exact file names, with phrases clearly defining the thematic connection with a given page. Therefore, all the elements responsible for the appearance are a vital element of our SEO audit.

OFF Page Factors

This part of the audit is significant because it relates to the role of SEO on which we have limited influence and is determined mainly by external factors. Links to your site come from different sources and are creating by other people. Backlinks can be included in positive but also negative opinions, reviews, and comments.

The external linking audit mostly shows this. We can determine the number and origin of links and their thematic connection with your website. High-quality links from valuable content posted on highly trusted websites work well for your visibility on Google. External links are also one of the most important aspects influencing the domain’s authority and the trust of the search engine in your website.

The link profile itself leading to your website is included in the SEO audit. We evaluate the profile of links to your website using tools known on the market. We also check the amount of social media activity and links to your website.

Website Performance

Most of the elements of the website that we audit affect this factor. The server response speed, caching methods used, size of graphics, video files’ weight, amount and type of code, and order in which all these elements are loading.


For Google, a fast page is a better user experience and an incentive to visit it more often. People usually don’t come back to pages that take a long time to load. Amazon has proven that every 0.1 second of delay in their website’s operation causes a 1% drop in sales.


Google rewards websites with a short load time. The loading speed belongs to core vitals metrics representing also visual experience. The fast website also means a lower bounce rate, better UX, and a long-loading website reduces conversions and revenues.

Mobile usability

The SEO audit shows the quality of the website operation on mobile devices such as tablets or phones. The number of visits from mobile devices is currently greater than from stationary devices. Google also places particular emphasis on this element and considers Google First Index as a priority.

The website must be mobile-friendly. That means that when determining the search results, the one for mobile devices will be taken into account first. We check the speed of operation, responsiveness, and user experience. All these elements are briefly discussed in the report. If the optimization process is undertaken, we improve it.

Website Security

The security of the website is beyond question. Although most auditors ignore this aspect, we decided to include it in our report. Of course, we do not limit ourselves to checking if the website has an implemented SSL certificate.

Each ordering party can find out for himself. In this report, we include a much deeper element of security. We check security on many levels.

Usually, it turns out that the person responsible for creating the website set up a barrier in front of the website and left the door open at the back. We search for such errors and suggest solutions.

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SEO audit benefits

Comprehensive SEO analysis

When conducting an SEO audit for your Dublin company, we check every vital aspect of your website to get a complete picture of what should be optimized in it. We verify over 100 different factors that determine the position of the site on the Internet. We use publicly available Google tools and specialized analytical software, which, combined with our knowledge and experience, provide data for the final report.

SEO report

Based on the collected and processed data, we create a final report. Each element of the website analysis contains an explanation of its importance to make it understandable. Additionally, we attach a comment or a short conclusion to each point of the report. Thanks to this, you will learn why we audit a given aspect and whether it currently has a positive or negative impact on ranking. In case of any doubts, we provide help and advice.

SEO report structure

Each report begins with a summary giving you a complete picture of our analysis. Then we go to all the most critical areas so that at the end, it will be easier to introduce the client to the details. We will approximate individual factors important for positioning to show the elements that require optimization. We end the SEO audit with optimization in terms of protection, which goes beyond SEO as a direct factor. However, we found it relevant to the client’s website.

SEO audit is the first step in the optimization process

We now have a report ready and a complete picture of the website’s condition. We can go forward to make further if the audit is necessary. We can now prepare an optimization plan and a strategy for positioning activities. Without an SEO report, it is impossible to correctly select a method in line with your business’s needs, set goals, and your domain and website’s current capabilities. We are happy to develop individual audit issues to clarify the need to make corrections on the website.

SEO audit is even more than the factors mentioned above

Besides additional security analysis, we also test your website for the presence of structured data and other tags facilitating website content sharing. An SEO audit specialist carefully reviews the page’s content and often finds errors that the tools do not indicate. Pages called “Zombie pages,” remnants of the development version or traces of a hack from years ago. SEO audit exposes all these and even more by taking a close look at its structure. Without experience and knowledge, it isn’t easy to obtain a professional SEO audit.

SEO AUDIT DUBLIN: The most common questions

Why do I need SEO audit for my website?

SEO audit grants you to figure out the weaknesses and strengths of your website. The aim is to increase your website’s visibility on Google, so it is necessary to adapt it to the current search engine guidelines and demands. Therefore, before starting the optimization process, we recommend performing the SEO audit of your website by our Dublin experts. It is an essential element and allows you to recognize the visibility and readability of the website. Thanks to the SEO audit, we can identify website elements that require improvement in terms of SEO and indicate the direction of the website’s development. Only a properly optimized and user-friendly website allows you to build an advantage in the business. We provide SEO audits for small and large companies, local companies, and e-commerce.

How to start SEO audit with SEOWizard Dublin?

• The first step is to send us the address of the domain to be investigated by us
• Base on preliminary analysis of problems related to the website structure’s optimization and complexity, we prepare a cost estimate for the audit. Along with the cost estimate, the client receives a summary of errors visible at first glance and basic information about the domain that affects the service price.
• After the client accepts the prepared quote, and when 50% of payment is made, we start audit your website.

You can trust us because we specialize in conducting comprehensive SEO audits for websites, business cards, large portals, and commercial websites. We offer a free SEO audit quote and complete implementation. The service concerns the preparation of an audit and SEO strategy and instructions for implementing changes to the website and the positioning campaign. We present all terms of cooperation so as not to leave any, even the slightest doubts.

What after SEO audit?

The next step after the audit is completed is optimization. The audit itself is not binding and may be performed by us once or at any time. When conducting an audit, we do not search for elements that have no influence on the ranking. Only you decide whether you want us to carry out the SEO optimization process or not. The SEO report we provide is clear, legible and can be used as a solid basis for further optimization activities. We encourage you to read our SEO audit article below. We wrote it to bring you closer to the legitimacy and the need to conduct it on your website.

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