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Search engine optimization (SEO Belfast) helps improve the website’s visibility in organic results, which leads to the multiplication of the number of customers visiting the company’s premises or using the company’s services.

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The presence of your company’s website on the first page of search results at the query in Google opens the door to your Business. It translates into an increased number of phone calls or e-mails with an inquiry. An appropriate selection of keywords related to your company’s business profile allows you to reach potential customers and increase your business revenue.


of searchers for something nearby result in a purchase


of people who search on their smartphones visited a store within a week


of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day

If you can answer “true” to at least half of the following questions, it means that you need SEO services.
  • 01

    Do you run a service company or shop, and nobody has heard of it?
  • 02

    Customers don't know you, your company or the services you provide?
  • 03

    You have just started a new business, and it is hard for you to enter the market?
  • 04

    Your new company has no or few customers?
  • 05

    Your service point is empty?
  • 06

    You don't remember when the last customer called you?
  • 07

    Your company is not on the first page of search results, or maybe it is not even on the Internet at all?
  • 08

    Your business website doesn't even show up in local Google searches?
  • 09

    You don't have a Google my business card or know how to configure it to bring real profits?
  • 10

    Can't find your Business on Google maps?
  • 11

    Do you need help in promoting your services or products on the local or national market?

Do You Know

  • 54%

    of smartphone users search for business hours
  • 53%

    customers search for directions to a local store
  • 45%

    of global customers buy online and pick up in-store
  • 30%

    of all mobile searches are related to location

The SEO that we can carry out for your company in Belfast is a series of activities that make the website appear high in the search results for the keywords used by the client. Such phrases clearly indicate the user’s intention – they are looking for a service or product, perhaps in your current

location. Besides the URL of business websites from the region, the search results also include a package of 3 Google My Business cards. We will help you place your company there as well.

If you have already decided you are looking for an agency that will promote your company and ensure a constant supply of customers, do not wait!

SEO Services Belfast for companies in all industries

Google My Business - Local SEO Dublin

If you are a sole-trader, small or medium-sized company, local search engine optimisation is worth choosing. Local SEO is part of a general SEO focused on a specific area promoting a website in search engines such as Google or Bing, only in a particular location for selected key phrases. Your goal is county, city, town or district.

Examples of local keywords: pub Belfast, corner shop Belfast, hairdresser Belfast, medical centre Belfast, beautician Belfast, lawyer Belfast, mechanic Belfast, take away Belfast, gym Belfast, restaurant Belfast, expert Belfast, accountant Belfast, speech therapist Belfast, psychologist Belfast, carer Belfast, SEO Belfast, photographer Belfast, dentist Belfast.

The goal is to put the website high in the search results for specific locations and local keywords. That allows you to promote the services or products offered in the vicinity. If you are a new or small company targeting the local market, this type of SEO is for you. In this way, you can reach customers who will actually benefit from your company’s offer and contribute to increasing your profits and development.

An essential part of local SEO Belfast is also the correct configuration and management of Google My Business, closely related to Google Maps. It allows you to create a company profile with the most important information, location, products and services offered, and contact details. Google my Business properly configured ensures the appearance of your company not only high in the local listing of Google but also in Google Maps.


——Images Sourced From Google Search and Google Maps

Dublin Local SEO

Benefits of SEO services for your business in Belfast

Increase high-quality, relevant traffic on your website

Increase number of customers for your products or services

High positions in local search results

High rank in Google Maps

Brand recognition – building brand awareness on the market

Higher revenue for your company

Even if you have the best website and it is not visible on Google, you can say that it does not have much value for your company. SEO service is essential for a website to be effective and generate sales of products or services. Depending on your company profile and target market, SEO Belfast includes various activities to acquire an audience from all over Ireland or only from Belfast.

 If you run a local or national business, the best type of SEO to start with is local SEO. The idea is for your customers to find your business on Google easily. We will help your business be visible in organic search results and local search results, catalogues, social media, and Google Maps. In a word, we will improve your business presence on the internet.

The local SEO, the same activities are carried out as in the broad positioning of websites. The difference is focusing on the local keywords and content around the location name, around Belfast.

Search engine optimisation that we do

If you do not have a website or are dissatisfied with the one you already have, we will design or redesign it. We will also create professional company profiles in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Twitter.

We also offer professional product photography services and advertising films that will bring benefits to your company. The SEO service usually takes three to nine months or sometimes even longer. First results are typically visible after few weeks. 

Long-term effects are visible after few months. However, suppose you are in a hurry. In that case, we will simultaneously carry out paid campaigns in Google Ads for you, which will make your company immediately visible in the first places of paid search results or products carousel.

We can also create a professional social media company profile. If your website needs new pictures, for instance, product photography or video, we can also make it for you.


We have worked on many projects and, if necessary, we can contact you with our clients to confirm the positive effects of our work. We cannot promise you the first place in search results because no one can. We are also not saying that it will not happen. That is our goal. It depends on the competition in your industry, your website’s current condition, and many other various factors.

The rank in the search engine is ultimately determined by the algorithms of the Google search engine. However, our experience tells us that we will achieve satisfactory results by following Google’s principles combined with our work. By entrusting us with this task, you receive experience and knowledge, which will result in increased visibility in search results, more inquiries, orders, and thus an increase in your revenue. We will prepare an individual strategy for you that will allow you to rank higher in Google search results.


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