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We offer affordable and comprehensive SEO services for each type of business, bloggers and individuals. Our goal is to rank high your website in search results, increase conversion rate and boost your company online visibility.
SEO Dublin Services, Ireland - SEO Company, Digital Agency

Six SEO services actions leading us to success

Search engine optimization service is a complex process that consists of elements optimization on-site, off-site and technical SEO. All activities are complementing by continuous progress analysis and campaign goal setting. Seowizard provides an exact path to achieve your website’s high ranking on Google and other search engines.



We carefully check the parameters of the website and previous activities. We provide website analysis covering crucial Google ranking factors.


Competition Analysis

Competition analysis involves researching the keywords, links, website content, and online presence of your competitors. That is to get the most valuable factors of their SEO into your SEO strategy.



We make decisions, set up an action plan necessary for the website’s efficient functioning, and display high search results.



We implement changes in the area of ​​on-site, off-site and technical aspects of the website, necessary for the correct improvement of pages and facilitating high rank.


links building

We are acquiring natural and valuable backlinks to increase domain authority and attract valuable traffic.



The first SEO report is based on the performed SEO audit, while the next ones contain information about the effects of commissioned activities. There are usually monthly reports.

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What is seo service?

Search engine optimization is a determined process to achieve the highest possible rank in search results. Several works must be performed inside the website and outside it, contributing to a positive assessment by the search engine algorithms. In the vast majority of cases, achieving high visibility for specific keywords that describe a given industry, profession, or topic requires a lot of time and resources. It usually takes several months to achieve satisfactory results, although there are cases where the process takes less time.

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SEO Dublin

Why you need SEO services?

“Which Google results do you check on the most when you are searching for a restaurant?” or maybe “When was the last time you reached the tenth or eleventh page of the results to book a hotel?” These two questions are our answer. Why you need SEO? This is very simple. To be higher in results means more visits, more customers, and greater sales.


SEO Consultation

FREE (45 Mins)
  • Briefing session
  • Company introduction
  • Introduction to the niche
  • Induction to products, services or blog
  • Short and long therms goals
  • Customers and audiences
  • Current and potential competitors
  • Initial website overview

SEO Initial Setup

From €240 (Once Off)
  • Setup analytics tools and search console
  • Submit website to search main engines
  • Keywords review and structure website for your target keywords
  • Content review and make it friendly for human and robots
  • Initial on-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building for a "good start-up"
  • Social Media profiles setup upon request
  • Report after 1 month


€760 / Month
  • Up to 50 key phrases and keywords
  • Up to 25 pages optimised
  • Initial SEO audit
  • Setup Google analytical tools
  • Competition analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • Technical optimisation
  • Diverse link building - 60 links bundle
  • Local search optimsation 5 locations
  • Content marketing
  • Social media optimsation - up to 5 profiles
  • Security optimisation
  • Customer support
  • Monthly reports


€1440 / Month
  • Up to 100 key phrases and keywords
  • Up to 50 pages optimised
  • Initial SEO audit
  • Setup Google analytical tools
  • Competition analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • Technical optimisation
  • Diverse link building - 120 links bundle
  • Local search optimsation 10 locations
  • Content marketing
  • Social media optimsation - up to 8 profiles
  • Security optimisation
  • Customer support
  • Monthly reports
SEO is a daily basis for every website

SEO SERVICE is a dAily basis for every website

Nowadays, SEO service is really about full support for your business from the internet site to make it as searchable and visible as possible. Search engine optimization is one of the critical factors of internet marketing. Nowadays, our contact with most services, products, information, knowledge, or simply searching for entertainment starts with entering the appropriate phrase in Google. Every modern company is aware that taking care of the SEO service of your own website can be a source of significant competitive advantage, and its development is an excellent way to achieve market success.

SEO is a daily basis for every website
Search Engines

Search Engines

Search engines are programs that main task is to return specific information for a typed query. Currently, Google and other search engines’ operation is based on advanced algorithms that evaluate websites based on hundreds of different ranking factors. In this way, the ranking of websites and their matching for the query is determined. This is important and the most effective when on-site and off-site activities are run in parallel. It needs to be highlighted that google algorithms, although they are defined, sometimes change. Besides, some of the factors determining the website’s rank are known only to Google or Bing. Optimization is, therefore, a process that should constantly adjust the website to the search engine requirements.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO

On-site SEO includes all activities concerned with technical elements of the website that are responsible for its visibility. For instance, content describing services or products. Technology that was applied to build the website, source code, structure graphic, and media. To put it briefly, all those elements that the website consists and are visible or not visible for ordinary users.
Proper optimization of all these factors contributes to a higher rating by the search engine, which translates into a better match of the page to a more significant number of searchable phrases and keywords. The correct on-site optimization has a significant impact on the ranking of every website.

On-site SEO
OFF site SEO

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO activities affect the visibility of your brand and build its recognition. The most frequently chosen forms of optimization used as part of off-site SEO are: outsource content creation, social media campaigns, obtaining citations, link building from thematically similar websites, and frequently visited by users. They mainly concern the appropriate quality of articles from which links lead to the positioned website impact its visibility, brand or company recognition, and positive perception. This part of optimization activities is performed outside the website.

Keywords optimization and Content support

Keywords optimization and Content support

This is an extensive process while we analyze and select keywords and phrases searched by Google users and bring a positive business effect. We advise concerning high-quality content optimized for the search engines to support on-site and off-site SEO activities. We understand that content must be valuable both for the search engine and the user.

Keywords optimization and Content support

6 steps we follow in our SEO services company in Dublin to work for your business rank


We start with SEO Audit to check your website's current condition. We use our experience and professional tools for the detailed assessment of your website. After the SEO audit, we can see what improvements need to perform to improve your website's rank in search engines. We are also able to identify any missed search engine optimization opportunities to generate more visitors and customers.

SEO audit expose how friendly your website is for users and bots. In the audit, we gather information in the following areas and aspects: website architecture, user experience, content quality, keywords, keywords density, meta tags, headers, technical site condition, speed performance, images, and video optimization.

At this stage, we analyze the websites of our client's competitors. We analyze the strongest and weakest sides. We take the best, improve and implement it in our projects. We look for the weaknesses of the competition and do not repeat its mistakes. We build an advantage in areas that will be unavailable or difficult to trace for the competition.

Based on the SEO report, we already know what errors there are on our client's website and what needs to be corrected. The time has come to plan specific optimization activities and spread them over time. The order is important here. It is not possible to create valuable content without defining the appropriate keywords.

Also, you cannot optimize the page load speed if we do not specify the elements that the page will contain and their functions. When planning the operation, we can determine more or less the time needed to carry out the entire optimization process and inform the client about it.

The on-site optimization process is the first most crucial factor in making a website high rank in the search engine results. At SEOWizard, we optimize your website for all those elements and techniques which can help your website appear on the first page on Google and other search engine results. The optimization process is successful only when following all of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The Google search engine algorithm is continuously evaluating so no one can predict the next changes. That is one of the reasons why search engine optimization needs to be conducted  periodically. Website optimization concerns several areas that are divide into following categories.

On-Site elements

Keyword research is probably the most important factor behind your website's success on the internet. That is because most of the page content is forming around keywords. Keywords are included in the landing page and sub-pages titles as well as in descriptions. It is not always the case that the keywords that are obvious to us are right. In reality, users suggesting to us what keywords or phrases they are using to quickly and accurately find the right type of product or service. They do that by searching, and we can find out what queries they seek. We use this knowledge experimentally, conduct the research and analyze them with professional tools to finally choose the words that will best fit your website.

We optimize the content depending on whether the content on your website is up-to-date or requires new content. Auditing of existing content is essential as it allows you to decide whether the content is fit for the purpose. We examine the content of keywords, keywords density, reliability. We check if the content is adequate to the message carried by the website. We help you identify what types of content are most appropriate. Content audits help a lot in the search engine optimisation strategy. We recommend conducting them regularly. If there is a need for new content, depending on its application, we help to create it or commission a professional copywriter who will carry out the task based on our guidelines.

We optimize a page title and header tags - Page Title is an essential factor in a website optimization process because it says about a web page's insights. It is the first thing that web crawlers read while crawling. Moreover, a page title is the first highlight, which users also read while searching for their queries. Therefore, the title of the page must be attractive to both crawler robots and users. If both conditions are met, your website will get the rankings and the clicks for sure. Header tags are elements used to identify headings and subheadings within your content from other text types, such as paragraph text.

Header tags are also critically important for your site rankings. They serve an essential function – for your users and your SEO. They separate text, highlight important parts, and titling paragraphs.

They can indirectly impact your rankings by:

Making your content more straightforward and more enjoyable for visitors to read.

Providing keyword-rich context about your content for the search engines.

We optimize your images and media. It is necessary to add pictures to make your web-pages more attractive. But media can also slow down your website. Our Dublin SEO services company use professional techniques to make them light and quick loading without losing quality.

By optimizing images properly will help you make the most of a valuable SEO asset.

Image optimization is also one of the best ways to improve ranking. Google and other search engines have separate tabs for searching only images for specific queries. We optimize the pictures of your entire website by using image title and ALT tags. Alternative text provides information for an existing image if a user, for some reason, cannot view it in the browser, for example, because of a slow connection or if the user uses a screen reader. Professionally optimized media open the doors for them to appear in the top ranking images on your targeted keywords and increase your website's chances to get more clicks and then be in the top rankings.

We optimize website URL addresses because it is user-friendly practice and help the robots identify the content. We create descriptive links using keywords for a specific topic of the page or post. We make your website pages linked with each other and that too with proper indications of the linked webpage along with their ALT and title tags.

We optimize website functional elements such as the header and footer and their functionality. We improve the menu and website navigation to make it easy to use for every user. Depending on the topic and needs, we can direct the user to go to the place we want them to. In the case of extensive services, we create search elements and anchors.

 Off-Site elements

Off-site SEO is anything we do outside your website to rank it high on Google. It includes promotional techniques, citations, guest posts, link building, social media, reviews, podcasts, and several others. Our SEO company Dublin services are optimizing a website for off-site ranking factors involves methods that improve the search engine's and user's perception of a website's usefulness, authority, and popularity. To put it briefly, Google wants to know what others on the Internet are saying about your website. It is a kind of voting. If more relevant and reputable places on the internet mention or point towards your website, it is considered by Google to be a significant factor in determining your website's value. Link building is also part of off-site SEO. It is the most time-consuming stage and in 2021 requires specifically sophisticated techniques, so we qualified it as a separate SEO service stage.

Technical SEO Services Features

Page loading speed is one of the most decisive elements which affect website visibility in search engines. It is directly related to user experience because people expect results immediately. Website loading time should not exceed 2 seconds. Google put a focus on this factor specifically for mobile devices. We can effectively reduce website loading speed. The techniques we use to decrease the website loading speed include image compression, media loading techniques, code compression, reducing server response time, and more.

We consider structured data as one of the critical factors for high ranking. Structured data is a specific vocabulary engineered to help search engines better understand your website. We use it to present particular parts of your website as reach results.

Technical Server Configuration - We examine your server configuration, website hosting environment, hosting quality, and the back-link profiles of your sub-domains. Everything to ensure that no issues arise from set-up errors. At this stage, we eliminate all duplicate versions of your web pages indexed in google and other search engines.

Internal linking and crawl optimization: A well-designed internal linking structure gives google and other search engines to properly crawl your website. It is essential to define your website’s link flow and page hierarchy. It affects information flow and user experience. Managing the crawl of your website is critical, specifically for websites with complex structures and many pages. Ensuring search engines can easily crawl your website is the key to success.

We specially cares about users' multi-device experience, commonly called responsivity. Your audience or customers view your website on a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs, or desktops. Search engines use specific mobile-bots to crawl the mobile websites and examine vital cores. Our SEO services provides solutions that can access across all devices. Our SEO solutions make your website mobile-friendly, and this is one of the essential Google rank factors in 2021.

Interactive, dynamic content is viral and used on many websites. Our SEO company prefers to simplify by adding great functionality instead of animated elements. We believe that the usability of your website is over unnecessary common visual effects. Also, search engines can occasionally encounter problems when interacting with them. We always ensure your website follows the correct protocol for indexing and uses w3c standards and google webmaster guidelines.

Web rendering optimization - we care about the download size of your website. It is a significant factor, especially now when serving content through mobile networks is over 50%. We use sophisticated techniques to optimize the size of your website. By compressing, dividing, or connecting files can serve your content more fluently. Caching the code and styles, set them in a proper loading queue have crucial allows for a faster render on the user devices.

Back to top.

At Seowizard, we build a strong link profile for your website to help your company soar through search engine rankings and build a good reputation. Backlinks from high-authority websites are among the most important ranking factors and make your brand more visible on Google, Bing, and other search engines. At SEOWizard, we use proven methods to get you the best possible links for your website. However, the most important thing is that we do not obtain links only for the links themselves. Our main goal is to build your company's reputation, presence, and image on the Internet. In 2021, the methods of link building that were useful before do not make much sense. They can harm the site more than it's help. Google appreciates websites whose reputation is naturally built on the Internet. Such websites have a chance to occupy high positions in search engine rankings and can count on a large number of visits. We know it, and we effectively use this knowledge for the benefit of your company.

SEOWizard has developed a professional All in One reporting structure that enables clients to monitor the ongoing SEO results after implementing on their websites. Report include performance progress in the terms of their website’s rankings on leading search engines.

Every month/week, our SEO Experts provide clients with updated SEO reports detailing the progress of the SEO Campaign and explaining the way their website’s rankings is changing on major search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Bing) over the stipulated period of time.


You can contact us by phone or using the contact form. By choosing the contact form and filling in the brief, you make our task easier because we have an initial picture of your expectations. Next, we'll run SEO diagnostics on your site to identify gaps and evaluate the scope of optimization. We will propose a plan of action.

Following the industry standards and Google guide, it usually takes 6-12 months to get the right results when you opt for SEO services. We only use white-hat SEO techniques which takes time to get on track. However, sometimes it can be quicker if you choose social marketing solutions and local marketing.

Yes we provide all our services nation-wide and we are not limited by place.

All our SEO packages are primarily a guide. That is nearly impossible to provide the service following the designated package. We always go beyond the strict framework. However, this does not affect the previously agreed price of the service. It is happening because each client is different and requires an individual approach. The market situation, Google algorithm updates, and other factors also change over time. So we have to adapt to the current situation.

SEO depends on various factors, and there is no agency, freelancer, or expert that can guarantee the results. Google warns against "super" agencies that guarantee higher rankings after SEO. We are always looking for optimal solutions to implement Google's best SEO practices to rank your website higher.

The primary purpose of SEO consultations is to determine the website's current condition and identify errors related to optimization. Next, SEO strategies are determined to improve the results. An SEO consultation usually takes about 1-2 hours. This time is sufficient to provide detailed guidelines and tips for improving your website. Sometimes the talk may take longer. That usually happens with big websites and when we analyze the website for a client who is taking up the SEO service for the first time. That requires additional time to clarify all definitions and dependencies.

On request, you can check our references with our clients. We charge the fee only after the work is complete, so you do not take any risk. Besides, before you decide, we recommend checking what steps you should go through to hire SEO expert. You can watch the video about how to hire SEO company?

As our principle is one customer equals one niche, and we respect our customers' anonymity, we do not put company names on our website. However, if you wish, you can contact our clients directly upon request.