The benefits for companies with active social media profiles are obvious. This is due to closer contact with customers, the possibility of promoting products and services, but above all, social media are an additional source of traffic on the company’s website, and thus the chance for better visibility in search results.
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All activities performed with the use of social networks in order to promote the company, individuals or services is called social media marketing. Nowadays, it is an indispensable element of running every type of business. It enables easy promotion, increased turnover or sales and better customer service. We know how to run social media campaigns to help spread the wings of your business.

Discover Facebook Ads

Base on “The number of Facebook users in the Republic of Ireland is expected to reach 3.2 million users by 2025…“. Facebook Ads is an advertising platform integrated with one of the most popular social media platform Facebook. All users deliver to the Facebook database lots of exact information such as demographics, our interests, locations which are base to generate a recipient’s profile.

Facebook Fan Page Management

We can improve your or your company’s contact with potential and existing customers by offering a comprehensive service and fan page management on Facebook. We engage the community in dialogue by providing users with interesting content. We help define goals and develop an appropriate strategy.


People are always on social media

80% of internet users have their profiles on Facebook and it doesn’t matter what age. says that in Ireland “the number of monthly active internet users is projected to reach 4.11 million individuals…” in 2025. It means that 77% will use Facebook.

The most targeting form of ads

We can exactly control where ads are addressed to. Thanks to the Facebook database we can target ads to a specific group of people, age, gender, type of interests, and location.

Great content promotion

Apart from promoting products or services, we also promote content with Facebook ads, which contributes to an increase in organic traffic. It also positively influences the company’s image.

Display ads on social media at the same time

The ads can be displayed at the same time on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, and this increases the range of our advertisements and significantly reduces their costs.

Facebook advertising and brand awareness

Facebook advertising will promote and build your brand awareness. It is an easy way to make people aware of what you have to offer. The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase your products or services.

Opportunities on promotions

There are great opportunities to promote all range of your products or services when you are promoting one only with Facebook ads. And this is happening because when people click on a link which is associated with your advertisement can get directly to your website.


The Facebook feed displays advertisements for people that were somehow engaged with your services or products before. That’s called remarketing. Sometimes it happened that your customer just forgot about you for some reason but it doesn’t mean he left. Facebook ads can easily get him back, specifically because these people are already familiar with your products or services.


Facebook advertising is fast. You do not need to wait long for results. You attract thousands of people immediately. Facebook advertisements are the best solution to drive traffic, conversions, and new customers.


Facebook advertising is mobile. Most internet access has a mobile source. Over 80% of people use mobile for social media and Facebook is one of the greatest mobile applications that ever exist. It means that your products or services can be advertised to your audience on the devices they use every day.


Facebook ads are budget-friendly fully controlled and cost-effective. We can fully manipulate the cost of Facebook ads in budget settings. We can easily increase or decrease it at any time. Facebook is a very cost-effective advertising system. The benefits of Facebook advertising are endless. Facebook advertising is cheaper than most alternative sources of advertising.



Facebook is free, and everyone can have a page for a business. However, to be successful with this media you need to know how to run it or know someone who can run it for you. We will help you to set up a new Facebook website, we fill it with attractive graphics, pictures, videos and content.


The fact that the page is on Facebook does not mean that everyone will find it. Therefore, crucial is publishing interesting content and making it popular. The key is to make your page reachable to attract more visitors.


The fan page must be real. By adding new content on the page, and inviting people to follow, it is important to keep interactivity by regularly responding to questions, users, and potential customers’ comments.


Promotions, new products, advertisements need to be published at the right time and frequency. Nobody likes “over”. Correct analysis of published materials is critical in relation to how often, what time, what day, or which circumstances are best for publishing.


By systematic updates of visual elements such as graphics and pictures. Changing content, profile pictures, or logo exchange we attract more followers. Generating ads with a new visual format and attractive effects is so important to keep the brand fresh.


Investing in paid ads has only sense when is driving and delivering publications in the right potential customer groups. This is one of the best and value forms of reaching new customers.