The 5 Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Blog’s Content

The core element of a high-ranking blog is the content featured on its web pages. Web Page content is the reason why your audience keeps visiting your posts. Moreover, it implies that your site is a credible source of information for them.

But simply presenting vast blocks of words won’t get the job done. You’ll have to manage and produce the content so your audience finds it insightful compared to your competitors.

Moreover, you must follow strategies to make this content available to your audience. That’s where you have to compete in the game of ranking by applying various SEO strategies.

Since you have to stay focused on researching and producing content, managing and monitoring activities online to learn the extent of competition becomes difficult on your own.

Therefore, we have presented the five best SEO tools that will assist you in monitoring and boosting your blog’s content to stay prominent in SERPs.

5 Best SEO Tools to Boost Your Blog’s Content

Search engine optimization requires several functionalities to boost the site’s traffic. You’ll have to manage, monitor, and compare activities on a website to see noticeable results. Each of the following tools plays a specific role in improving your site’s performance and visibility.

1. Prepostseo

Since we are solely talking about boosting a blog’s content, keeping an eye on the quality of the written content is essential.

Now when it comes to writing, you may have to depend on several different tools offered by various platforms. However, you can find all the writing solutions with Prepostseo online tools.

The Prepostseo writing and editing tools offer various services to make your content more search engine friendly. You can check the uniqueness of your written content before publishing using the plagiarism checker offered by Prepostseo.

If the plagiarism ratio is above the uniqueness par, you can take assistance from its built-in paraphrasing tool that ensures to deliver unique vocabulary and phrases.

Now, if you want to impose a positive impression, you have to ensure the content is free of any grammatical errors, which can be resolved with a single click with the help of its grammar checker. The following features of this tool make it a standout choice for many SEO experts and bloggers.

Key Features

  • Freeware Tools: Prepostseo allows limited and full access to most of its editing tools without registration. No credit card credentials or limited trial periods are required.
  • Supports All Devices: The Prepostseo tools are available for quick and easy access to desktop applications, smartphone applications, and browser extensions.
  • Multiple Language Support: This tool offers to select multiple languages for creating content according to the regional linguistics of the targeted audience.

2. Google Keyword Planner

This tool was initially designed to purchase ads, but now it provides you with complete information on the ranking keywords from the biggest search engine.

Google Keyword Planner provides information about the trending words and phrases that fit best according to your content’s topic.

The interface of this tool is relatively easy to use, and the provided results are much more authentic. The amount of information it gives seems overwhelming.

But it’s not recommended to only use this tool for promoting your web content as it only provides relevant keyword information for the content.

You can discover the right terms to feature in your written content by extracting information from this tool. It provides you with details on long-tail and short-tail keywords, which is helpful for the on-page SEO of a webpage.

Key Features

  • Competition Information: This tool provides complete information on the keyword competition. It is vital to use keywords with low competition to feature in your content.
  • Accessible to Use: This tool is suitable for beginners and works with a Google account, so you don’t have to get into the complexities.
  • Provides Recommendations: Keyword Planner offers free recommendations on keywords to feature in your content.

3. Ubersuggest

The best thing about this tool is that it’s completely free to use, with no limitations on functionalities. It provides complete information on both long-tail and short-tail keywords. But it is not over the par like Google Keyword Planner, so it works for beginner marketers.

But the simplicity does affect the advancement of analytic functionalities and the extent of information, such as ranking competition. Various marketers use Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner to get the full benefits of writing marketing content.

Where Google Keyword Planner provides information about the ads being clicked by the audience, Ubersuggest gives the keywords searched by an audience related to your content. Some of its prominent features are mentioned below.

Key Features

  • URL Keyword Search: This tool starts by analyzing the traffic and data against a specific URL.
  • Extensive Keywords Suggestions: It provides a comprehensive range of keywords to feature in your content for a better ranking.
  • Success Percentage: The ratio of success and difficulty on keywords is displayed with a probability of ranking among the top 20 sites with specific keywords.

4. SEMrush

Analyzing and featuring the keywords is easy, but you should also focus on your website’s responsiveness, backlinks, and structure. SEMrush is an effective tool for analyzing your website. It provides suggestions for improvements to achieve better SEO optimization.

This tool is a bit complex, but if you get the hang of it, it’s all you need to manage significant elements of the on-page SEO. Among its most prominent features is its capability to keep tabs on social media data. This information allows you to reach your audience better to draw more organic traffic.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: With SEMrush, you can monitor all the ranking and keyword information from one place.
  • Campaign Tracking: This tool has the option to break down the results and progress of your content campaign to improve your skills.
  • Suggest Ranking Keywords: SEMrush suggests targeted keywords that can help achieve higher rankings and provide information on their competition.

5. SpyFu

If your content is focused on the topics that are required to be updated regularly, then SpyFu is the right tool for you. This tool gives you complete insights into competitors, which is quite helpful in figuring out the competition in your niche.

This tool is free and provides sufficient insightful information without charging a penny. However, some features are limited under paid plans, which digital marketers preferably avail.

Key Features

  • Provides Organic Keywords: A well-optimized content draws organic traffic with naturally fitted keywords that seem best for the context. SpyFu provides numerous organic words for your blog.
  • Free to Use: The amount of data it provides under the free usage is sufficient to write search-engine-optimized content, which is convenient for many users.
  • Easy to Use: The interface is easy to understand for first-time users. You don’t have to look for instructions or guidelines to operate this tool.


The purpose of blog posting is not just to post some information online. But this information should reach the targeted audience as well. You must maintain an online presence against the competitors to thrive ahead in the competitive game.

In this case, search engine optimization tools are helpful to increase the online traffic on your website naturally. Using these tools, you can constantly improve content and make changes to your blogging content.

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