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We will design a beautiful website that will be a digital showcase of your business for years. Its success consists of an attractive appearance, intuitive operation, speed, appropriate content and technological solutions. In addition, we offer you comprehensive services in the field of the latest digital media. Rapid changes on the Internet require adapting your website to market requirements. Our professional web designers will create a modular website design for you that allows for individual expansion and adding new functions in the future.

SEOWizard offers an affordable web design for every kind of business in Dublin and all of Ireland. If you need a professionally designed website that impresses your clients, don’t wait and contact us today!

We design websites for small and medium-sized companies, corporate websites and eCommerce. We make a beautiful web design for you, and your new website will be the most powerful tool for your company

Our goal is to deliver fresh, original, engaging, and high quality websites with a great user experience. We know that every company has unique requirements and budgets, so you can expect an individual approach.

We customise our affordable web design services to give our clients the best results at competitive prices. You can make many changes during the project, and we implement them. We are here to meet your expectations.

website design services that drive conversions

Our web designers ensure the website can be the most influential asset in your business. Our Dublin’s web development experts aim to create a new website, cutting-edge, and original websites with a proper UX that engages.


Empower your business website

We offer new websites for small businesses and medium-sized companies. Our affordable web design Dublin and development service, along with professional optimisation for Google, enormously enhance your business’s presence on the internet. Everything to help you better connect with your clients. Our team need to know you and your market to create a versatile digital marketing presence.

eCommerce Website Design

If the platform based on standard solutions do not meet your expectations, we can create a tailor-made eCommerce website. We adjust functionality to the company’s business process. E-commerce based on WooCommerce is the perfect solution for you. Additionally, you can also have a tool for your online business. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce allows you to administer the website and stock from one panel. We also create stores on Shopify, Wix and others.

ecommerce web design

The websites must be friendly to users, search engines and administrators. We approach each of our projects individually and create designs in line with your expectations. We implement functionalities such as event calendars, contact and application forms. The site should contain: “About”, “History”, “Our Team”, “Management”, “Investor relations”, “Press office” or “Blog”. We will train your editors to freely modify the content or provide you with care over the new website.

Customised Website Design

Usually, we offer a few mock-ups and graphic designs. We also create custom websites for specific purposes, e.g. business directories or advertising portals. Multi-level menu, features, news, several language versions, search engine, surveys, downloadable documents, charts, statistics, integration with external systems, advertising module, connecting online payments, logging in for users, and defined administrators’ rights levels.

customized websites

web redesign

Web redesigning is refreshing or rebuilding a website. After the process, it corresponds to the latest trends, stands out with functionality, is easier to use, and, above all, looks unique. While dealing with modernisation, we analyse it from the architecture and visual sides. We develop to the latest standards, optimising for Google searches. Service is highly recommended for all websites owners.

Website Maintenance

It requires specialised knowledge and skills. Therefore, the guarantee of the stable functioning of the website is entrusting this task to specialists. We carry out jobs quickly, and we are constantly available. You can focus on what you do and leave it with us. Your website will be in good hands. Check our website maintenance services.

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Launch the site

Without a perfect design website, it is not easy to reach the customers even if your offer is the greatest on the market. Therefore, entrust our web designers if you want to sell your services and products successfully.


We create websites that engage and are the key to your business development. Thanks to innovative ideas and quality, we open the door to the most ambitious business goals for you. With exciting content, you will build a strong brand and gain customers.


A cutting-edge new website gives a positive impression and helps increase reliability for the business. According to research, 75% of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on the web design.


Well-designed drives conversions and further builds your brand awareness. It is the foundation of digital marketing, and its possibilities of reaching customers are endless. We will not just deliver you a beautiful design but also maintain it for you.


We can design all types of websites and eCommerce. We carry out projects for clients from Dublin and across Ireland. We attach immense importance to the website’s aesthetics, usability, and speed.

Why is responsive web design so important?

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Responsivity means adjusting for different sizes of devices, and it means that the audience can browse the website from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone with a perfect look and function.

The first quarter’s statistic in 2021 shows 54.8% of global traffic came from mobile. And 74% of users are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly website. The responsive website will allow the users quick and straightforward access to the website on any device.

Thanks to better experience and common accessibility, it is more likely to convert the users to clients. Unquestionably, adapting to all screen diameters is essential in present-day web design. Our Affordable Web Design Dublin Agency concentrates on delivering beautiful, functional and responsive website design for you. With our website, you get your target audience and succeed whatever marketing aims you have – Business Exposure, Traffic and Lead Generation.

WordPress web development

WordPress is one of the most popular web development and content management (CMS) systems, with various project templates and plugins. The main advantage is its simplicity and intuitiveness. Therefore, statistics (2021) say that 39.5% (455 million) of all websites are created with this engine. (source:
WordPress is a CMS system used to create professional news pages, blogs, and websites for any purpose. With WP, we can make any website, such as a business, organisation, individual portfolio, blog or eCommerce (WooCommerce). Websites are the base for any future online marketing activities.

CMS is Google friendly, and it is mutual sympathy. A website is indexed quickly and efficiently. All this happens thanks to a well-prepared SEO backend. Using this CMS means excellent flexibility and vast possibilities for future development. Check all benefits of WordPress for business.


Affordable web design Dublin packages and pricing

We are an affordable web design company and digital marketing agency in one super-creative team. Our designer always serves up unique web designs coded with today’s newest technologies.

Micro Strater

For small companies or individuals that want to be visible on the internet. Intend to offer products and services to a broader audience.
(3 pages and €79 for added page)
  • Responsive Custom Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Basic Apps Feature
  • Initial SEO Setup
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Domain, hosting and email *
  • SSL and Security Setup


For all kind of business that wants to be highly recognised on the internet. The website is an integrated element of the company.
(5 webpages and €79 for extra page)
  • Responssive Design
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Advanved Apps Functions
  • SEO Ready
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Domain, Cloud CDN, email *
  • Organization SSL and Advanced Security
  • CMS training and support 60 days


For all individuals and companies that want to trade online. A website is a fundamental or an integral piece of the business.
(price depends on goods number)
  • Responsive Design
  • WooCommerce or Shopify
  • Advanced Application Features
  • Payment connections
  • SEO Ready
  • GDPR and custom policies *
  • Domain, Cloud CDN, email *
  • Extended SSL and Advanced Security
  • Full training and support 90 days
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6 Steps of the Web Design Process

affordable web design dublin - process
Design Brief

Design Brief

While the briefing, we can identify your needs. This phase is not omitted by any self-respecting advertising or web design agency. A well-constructed and thoroughly completed brief will be a helpful signpost while designing a website. We need to know the character of the company, scope of activities, target audience, purpose and image, project budget, timeline, and proposed content.



We outline the first ideas and concepts for the website to fit the client’s specifications during this phase. We plan the content structured throughout and how a visitor will access it. A sitemap is essentially an outline of the structure that will comprise the website. We make the mock-up that is a sketch of a new website. The website concept involves arranging individual components such as a menu, login panel, images, icons, infographics, sliders, logo, contact page, and content. A well-design mock-up will set the direction for the later work of the designer and programmer.

web design

Web Design

Each website needs graphic design. Modern trends focus on minimalism and uniqueness. In this phase, the project is starting to get a shape. The designers select a colour theme and dress the mock-up with buttons, pictures, multimedia, and fonts. The designer begins with the website’s appearance. The designer needs to ensure that the web layout offers a fantastic experience. The subpages are friendly to the eye and find what they seek.


Web Development

When the works on the layout are finished, we “revive the graphics”. Depending on the platform we chose at the planning level, we start implementing a programming language or content management system such as WordPress. However, they are usually intertwined. All beneficial roles are assigned to graphics, and the contact form is programmed to send content. We make the website adaptive, which means we make it user friendly on every appliance. The developing stage is not attractive because it covers the parts that are not visible.



Before officially launching the new website, we must examine it. If passes all tests, we test it on the productive server. Any errors can discourage users. When a website goes live, it is the first time we will see all of your web design code running on. Usually, at this phase, we need to optimise server parameters and website performance. It might vary from then on the workup server, so it needs set-up. Now we set up all security levels and optimize for SEO.



The last and final step of the website design process is maintenance. We continue to inform you how crucial it is for longer-term success in the first stage. It involves CMS, theme, content, security, analytics reports, and hosting control. Moreover, Google requirements and trends changed so quickly that days passed away for good when the website was constructed and left on the server. That is also often overlooked by freelancers.

SEOWizard - the wizard of Premium Web Design

Our website design company has helped clients across Dublin and Ireland gain a competitive advantage locally and nationwide. Whether you are looking for an affordable web design that appeals to a highly selective Dublin’s customer or one that attracts countrywide audiences, we are the agency for you.

SEOWizard: Customers reviews
Finglas Fuels
Finglas Fuels
Absolutely fantastic SEO and Marketing team - they have helped us get to the top 5 Google search results for over 180 keywords (we wanted 5 :)) in the last 12 months. They have done an outstanding job with our social media and run successful ads campaigns.
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
50Hz Photography (50hz_photography)
Working with Arthur is seamless and efficient. What matters most to me is that since Artur has been taking care of my website, the number of clients interested in my services has increased by several hundred percent. I recommend Artur to everyone who expects lasting, measurable results. Thanks Artur and best regards.
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton
Arthur and Dora have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Communication was always in place, they were able to translate for human language all this SEO things, and never did I feel like I was left without answer when working with them. They provided the advertised service and proved that their small agency is more than capable of getting results on the web. I recommended his SEO services to my sister, and she is extremely satisfied as well. Thanks so much!