Website optimization is the process of improving all the elements of the website that have a direct impact on its operation and reception. Such as content, graphics, video, animations, titles, meta descriptions, structure, performance, security, hosting, technology and user experience.


Website optimization is a particular set of actions that will cause your website to appear high in search results. With a well-optimized website, you have a better chance of being displayed on the first page of Google or other search engines. We know if the website is attractive and user friendly for visitors it is also attractive for google.

Optimised website elements


Page titles and descriptions

Page titles must look attractive. We make them tidy but catchy and understandable for human and google robot.


Content Value and Key Words

We help you to choose the appropriate keywords for your niche and create unique, valuable text content.


Graphic and Media

The visual content you display on your website also needs to be optimized for discovery by users and search engines.


Internal Structure and UX

We Create Optimal User Experiences by Improving Your Website’s Information Architecture. So it is all about making users happy.


Technology and Hosting

Reliable hosting and newest technology used on the server site means your website fast loading time and great user experience.


Security and Performance

The security is to protect the website from malicious access and attacks. Without adequate protection, optimal performance cannot be achieved.

If you have a new website and you want it to start fulfilling its role quickly, or you have a website that does not fulfil its role for unknown reasons, then you are in the right place. Here we will help you release your site potential or build one. Depending on the purpose you have set for your website, we offer different types of optimization.

Websites are complex projects that often involve the work of both graphic designers and programmers. However, they focus on the appearance and functionality of the project being performed. Everything may look fine at first glance. However, after placing the site on the server in the final version, it almost always turns out that the site works slowly; its position in the browser is low or visible. It may also happen that everything works properly, but after a few updates, the website ceases to fulfill its role completely. That is happening because designers and programmers did not do the optimization of the website. It was done superficially or on the level of the team’s available knowledge that dealt with the project.

In these cases, professional website optimization services are essential if you want to provide a positive user experience for your website. However, before we decide on such a service, it is worth checking whether it is necessary to use commonly available tools, such as Google Speed Insights, GT Metrix or Pingdom.

Please notice that using the tools mentioned above it can only roughly assess the condition of the website. Also, the measurements that these tools present always differ because they consider slightly different areas at different angles. Therefore, the correct interpretation is critical, and it is worth using the help of a specialist at this stage. At Seowizard, we will be happy to interpret the results free of charge and advise you on what steps to take.


What is website optimization?

Website optimization is about improving all the website elements from which it is built and those that affect the speed of operation and final achievements to achieve business goals.

Potential issues you can find
when checking your website with the above tools

Image sizes ratio and compression format

The graphics on the website are significant. If the file size is too large, it affects the images' loading time. That is highly recommended to respect the aspect ratio of the pictures on the website. If it is not, the loaded image adapts to the browser, negatively affecting the user's experience. The file format in which we place the pictures on the website is also decisive and affects performance. It is suggested to use newer file formats such as WebP instead of the standard jpg and png.

Minification of HTML, javascript, CSS, and also the delivery method

Web page code minification eliminates empty spaces such as space bars or entire blank lines in the code. Usually, the code is written to files by the programmer or automatically by plugins to make it readable for people, such as text in a book or Internet article. That is to make reading easier for us. The internet browser does not need such a facility. Therefore the code that takes 1000 lines may contain, for example, one line without spaces. That allows you to reduce the weight of the files significantly.

Unused CSS and javascript

Sometimes a considerable amount of CSS and javascript generated by plugins is not needed. It refers to options created by the developer but is not in use on the website. That part of code should be removed or deffer because no matter if they are used or not, they load together with the page into the browser. That, of course, harms the efficiency of the entire process.

Render blocking resources

Render blocking is a widespread mistake. It consists of the fact that the resources are loaded to the browser faster than the browser can process them, or render them, to make them useful for the user. These resources need to be properly managed. You can load them earlier or delay their loading depending on the website's structure and your needs.

Static assets and caching

Each website consists of many elements, such as graphic files, movies, animations, fonts, website code arranged in files. These resources are stored partly on the hosting server but also on other external servers. For example, you can enter Google or CSS fonts from which plugins are used.

The point is not to reload them into your browser every time. Therefore, browser and server caching are designed to play this role. Optimizing caching is about enabling it and setting it appropriately to make it as efficient as possible.

Compression method

Using the appropriate file compression method on the server-side caused a considerable reduction in the server's resources weight from the server to the browser. That reduces the file transfer time. Currently used standards are Gzip and Bortoli.

Server response time

The server response time is a crucial element in the website's performance and depends mainly on the hosting quality. Choosing cheap shared hosting, we cannot expect satisfactory results. However, if this has already happened, consider using Cloudflare or another CDN solution. As a last resort, you can buy more expensive, more efficient hosting, for example, in the cloud or a modern dedicated server. There are lots of options.

6 Website Optimization Strategies


Optimizing for mobile experience first

Google prioritizes mobile-first indexing, which means that it is not enough to optimize a website for desktops and laptops. It is happening because the number of mobile users rapidly grown in recent years. To be successful online mobile optimization has priority.


Improving speed

There is no doubt that nobody wants to wait for the website to be open for ages. It is necessary to make this time as short as possible. Loading time for a large website shouldn’t exceed 3 seconds, and for regular websites better if it is no more than 2 seconds. Fast loading website is the first step for a great user experience.


Search engine optimization

Technical optimization for search engines is one of the most critical areas of website optimization. Having a high rank in search results from organic traffic is the result. Users value highly ranked websites more than websites in the first positions, thanks to advertising.


Optimize website content

The text on your website and the keywords contained therein must be of total substantive value for users and also technical value for robots. Are you sure all photos, graphics, images are necessary for a valuable message? All these elements need to be considered and are part of the optimization.


A/B test

So-called A / B testing compares the same website in two different versions over the same period. As a result of the test, the more popular version is selected, translating into better conversion rates. The A / B test is the best way to test potential solutions because it is accurate and performed by real users.


User experience

Optimizing the website in user experience is crucial if we want our website to be often visited and well remembered. If visitors to our site quickly find what they are looking for, make a purchase, or call about the service, this is what we want. The user experience also includes a fast-loading page and the lack of layout shifts, the so-called CLS, which is one of the Websites Vital Core, is directly assessed and awarded or not by Google.

We offer website optimisation services

Depending on the size, optimizing your website can be a large project that requires experience and can take several dozen hours to complete.

Our optimization services cover all of the areas mentioned above and more. We also offer a regular, periodic review of the website. It is necessary because, after many updates, there are changes in the structure and website general performance. Take a note. If you outsource it to a company and are satisfied with the results, do not change the optimization company or optimization services. Do not start SEO services if your site has never been optimized before. Depending on the niche in which you operate, it may happen that only the optimization itself will cause you to start rank in high places in the search results.