Local SEO Trends in 2022

What is changing in Locao SEO in 2021?

It is almost 100% sure that Local SEO will be more difficult in 2021. More and more new companies will try to compete with older ones, which will make it challenging to get first place on the organic lists. Remember that in 2020, because of the Covid-19, many of those who stayed at home started their businesses. In many cases, these are activities related to remote work and internet services. The local market has also gained importance due to restrictions on movement.

What does it take to get a high ranking when you focus only on local SEO in 2021?

First, remember that it doesn’t matter whether SEO is local or global. Both take time. It is impossible to plant tomatoes in the morning and eat them for dinner. It takes several weeks or even several months to enjoy their taste. In the meantime, you have to feed them with water, trim them, replant them in one word, cultivate them. Otherwise, it will deceive and be fit only for the garbage can. It, therefore, takes patience and effort. Local SEO doesn’t differ much from standard SEO. The difference is that they are local. Its main elements are the analysis and selection of keywords, the development of relevant content, links, and technical SEO on the page.

Google my Business

The same is true of local SEO. Usually, the first step that an SEO company does or can do for us is to register our business or services in Google My Business. Since Google My Business is integrated with Google maps with built-in functions such as navigation, it seems almost obvious.


It should be added to consideration that local SEO, thanks to this function, will increase the range of potential customers to people who are looking for a service on the territory of our business. For example, a person passing through our city wishing to eat a hamburger typing in google “take-out” will not get in the search results of restaurants serving burgers a month away from our 200 km only precisely in the one in which he is currently located. That is a feature called geolocation.

Local directories and local forums

When optimizing the website, we focus on how the company provides services or sells products. It is also vital that the obtained links, comments, and references to our website come from regional websites. The ability to add opinions by both customers and business owners allows you to build relationships with users. What about negative views? It is worthwhile for business owners to respond to negative opinions as well. As a result, they become more helpful and credible, which positively affects the company’s image on the web.

Local link building

Links leading to the website are an essential element of positioning. In the case of local SEO, you should obtain links from regional websites relevant to your location. Local websites include, among others, regional information services, NAP business cards, local forums. It is an excellent idea to register an activity if appropriate in a network of similar companies corresponding to our industry. For example, if you run restaurants, you might want to register with your local Yelp or Yellow Pages company.

Local SEO Dublin

Local SEO benefits

The most critical facilitation resulting from local SEO is, first and foremost, that there is no need to compete with companies with a global or national reach. Another benefit is the increased traffic on the website and thus the chance to attract new customers. And a significant boost in search results and your company recognition in the place of operation and the nearest neighborhood. Lower local SEO costs compared to national SEO and thus quicker profit.

Life example

I was working with a company that has successfully conducted SEO campaigns throughout the city and even counties and was not even known in their district. I remember a company dealing in coal delivery services. I also see another company from the same industry offering coal for sale. Other solid fuels are a constantly brand new company that successfully started with local SEO and naturally switched to nationwide promotion. Both companies are doing great; the others were just ways to grow when it comes to local SEO.

How much does local SEO cost?

That is one of the most frequently asked questions about local SEO. The price of local positioning depends on the number of keywords, industry, competition, and even the history of the domain – factors that also affect the price in the case of general positioning. However, compared to general phrases, the vast majority of local keywords will require less financial expenditure. Depending on which SEO company you choose to promote your website, you may encounter several billing types for the SEO service. I prefer to settle with the client based on a fixed monthly subscription + a bonus for the key phrases’ achieved results.

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