What is landing page and what should be included in design?

ALanding Page in Digital Marketing Strategy is a website created for an ongoing campaign. Usually, it is a subpage on your existing website. The user gets there by clicking on a link in a message, email, Google Ads, or social networks post. A landing page can be deliberately created for a specific advertising campaign or a permanent element of your website. In the latter case, its task is to influence the position of the entire site for particular keywords.

Regardless of the nature, the most important mission of a landing page is conversion. It may be purchasing a product, service, filling out a contact form, or making a phone call or subscription. If you live in Ireland, you can create a landing page yourself or delegate this job to a professional web design agency in Dublin or close to your location.

You already know a little what a landing page is. Still, to be functional and practical, it must contain the following elements:

What should a landing page consist of?

Eye-catching headline

This landing page element will attract the user’s attention in the first place. In the header, inform about the customer’s benefits using your offer, e.g., Electric scooters – 30% cheaper this week! Call us now! It can also be specific product features, e.g., new generation lithium cadmium batteries with a 75% longer service life!

A clear offer description

Each website should contain professionally written content. The description must be short, to the point so that the recipient can quickly judge if he is in the right place. As a result, your landing page should encourage the customer to convert, e.g., buy a product, make a phone call, or fill out a form. Make sure the information you provide prompts you to take action. Ensure to add the information for inquiry.

High-quality photos

Remember that people buy with their eyes, especially on the internet. If the purpose is to sell a product or service, the website must contain high-quality pictures or videos. You can also apply beautiful illustrations or infographics for other types of conversion.

Take care of the right arrangement. If you sell toys is for children, make sure that it is accompanied by another item of everyday use. This will allow the buyer to quickly recognise the sizes and assist in making a choice. Also, take care of the scalability of photos.

Presenting objects in 3D is more and more popular today, which allows you to see the product from every side. Some photographers specialise in 3D product photography. However, they are more difficult to take without professional equipment.

Call to Action (CTA)

This is one of the most essential elements you need to put on your landing page. Its task is to encourage you to perform the specific action you want. If the page is longer than the screen size, it should appear in several places. 

Call to action is a slogan to act, for example, to make a purchase “Buy now”, “subscribe to our newsletter”, or “Fill out the form and get the code now!”, “Update today for 50% Off”.

Contact details

Ensure to provide contact details such as telephone number, email, address. If the aim is selling a product, provide information about the purchasing process and the waiting period for delivery. Contact details give credibility to the offer. Post links to your profiles on social media. Try to make the phone and email clickable in the mobile version. That trick will make it easier for the customer to dial your phone number quickly and make the call.

Emphasise the benefits

It is worthwhile to identify the client’s benefits after taking action. You can list them or present them using a slider with photos. The message must be unmistakable, authentic and encouraging.

7 steps to building a landing page

Set a clear campaign goal

 Setting a clear campaign goal will allow you to determine what content should be on the landing page. Here are some examples of campaign goals.

  • increasing sales
  • company promotion
  • getting new opinions about the product
  • gaining new customers

Create a Landing Page project

 Look for inspiration on the internet before designing your landing page. Type “top 20 landing pages in 2022” or “best landing pages” into the search engine. You can start creating on a plain sheet of paper and begin by drawing out the elements. Transfer the finished layout to the website and see how it looks approximate. If you are satisfied, start implementing the project on the right page.

Write the text

A landing page must contain engaging and appropriately formatted text like all websites. You can write a text and organise it yourself or outsource it to a professional company. Here are the essentials.

  • H1 heading – eye-catching and containing keywords
  • Headers H2 and H3
  • Valuable content – containing key phrases
  • Customer benefits
  • The simple and clear message
  • Call to Action – CTA
  • Contact details

Add professional graphics and photos.

You will find many free portals on the internet from which you can easily download photos and graphics, e.g. Pixabay. If your landing page concerns the sale of a product, you obviously need to have these photos. Remember that they must be of good quality because they are one of the most essential elements of the website. If you don’t have pictures or the photos are poor quality, hire a professional product photographer. Many photo studios also offer great 3D images and interactive panoramas. Which definitely increases the commitment of the potential client.

Define Call to Action

Call to action – these are user calls to perform a specific action. The CTA you use depends on the purpose of your website and the type of landing page. A well-written CTA is a guarantee that your landing page will be effective. Here are some Call to Action examples you can use: 

  • Buy now
  • Learn more
  • Sign for our newsletter and get your code
  • Install our App now
  • Upgrade now and get a 25% discount
  • Tell us what do you think and enjoy a free trial

Add links to social media and other sites.

Remember to add social links to your landing page. This is useful because the visitor can additionally start following your profiles on selected social media, regardless of whether they buy the product or not.

Publish and test

 Before publishing, it is worth checking all the functionalities of forms, buttons and links. Your page after corrections is ready for publication. However, that is not all. Perform live tests now. You have some time because Google needs several hours to add a page to its index. So, in the beginning, it will not be visible to the audience. You can make corrections now. You can share the landing page with your friends and ask for feedback. Test functionality and optimise for speed to achieve optimal user experience.


As you can see, creating a landing page is not an extremely difficult task, and the rules are similar in most cases. Remember that the landing page is significant because it is the first to represent your company or institution in front of the public. It is worth spending time on it to make all its components and functions meet visitors’ expectations.

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