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This case study delves into the strategic approach taken by us for the Holistic Medicine Insitute (HMI) located in Portugal to enhance its international SEO efforts. Specifically for Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and English-speaking countries

Through meticulous research, comprehensive analysis, and targeted optimisation techniques, HMI aimed to elevate its visibility across diverse geographical regions, effectively reaching and engaging with a broader audience seeking holistic health solutions and online courses.

By examining the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and outcomes achieved, this case study illuminates the transformative power of international SEO for institutions operating in the realm of holistic medicine.



In an era where holistic health practices are gaining traction worldwide, the Holistic Medicine Institute (HMI) recognized the imperative to expand its global reach through strategic international search engine optimisation (SEO).

This case study delves into how HMI leveraged SEO opportunities to enhance its international online presence across a few countries, thereby amplifying its influence and accessibility to a diverse audience seeking holistic health solutions, and online and local holistic medicine courses.

Before embarking on its international SEO journey, HMI faced several challenges:

  • Limited Global Visibility – Despite its expertise and reputation in holistic medicine, HMI’s online visibility was primarily confined to its domestic market.
  • Competition from local and international competitors- HMI encountered stiff competition from local holistic health practitioners and established institutions, making it challenging to carve out a niche in international markets (online courses and education).
  • Cultural and Linguistic Barriers: Tailoring content to resonate with diverse cultural preferences and linguistic nuances presented a significant hurdle in effectively connecting with international audiences.


Strategy Implemented

To overcome these challenges and unlock SEO opportunities on a global scale, HMI devised a comprehensive strategy:

  • Keyword Research and Localization – Conducted in-depth keyword research to identify relevant search terms in target regions, ensuring content was optimized for local languages and search trends.
  • Multilingual Content Creation – Developed high-quality, informative content in multiple languages, catering to the linguistic diversity of target audiences while maintaining the integrity of holistic health principles.
  • Geotargeted SEO Tactics – Implemented geotargeting strategies to optimize website structure, meta tags, and local business listings, enhancing HMI’s visibility in specific international markets.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and Customization – Tailored content and messaging to resonate with cultural preferences and sensitivities, fostering trust and engagement among diverse audiences.
  • International Link Building – Fostered partnerships and collaborations with reputable holistic health organisations and influencers worldwide, leveraging backlinks to enhance HMI’s domain authority and global credibility.



Through its strategic international SEO efforts, HMI realized significant outcomes:

  • Expanded International Reach – Achieved enhanced visibility and accessibility across a few countries in Europe, attracting a diverse audience of holistic health enthusiasts and practitioners.
  • Improved Organic Traffic – Experienced a notable increase in organic traffic from targeted international regions, driving greater engagement and lead generation.
  • Enhanced Brand Authority – Established HMI as a trusted authority in holistic medicine on a global scale, bolstering its reputation and credibility.
  • Enhanced online payment for courses and education materials.

Organic traffic growth over time

SEO Chart 5

The number of keywords in the top positions in Google

Tracking Wheel

Source traffic and the number of users over time

Traffic source
Traffic source Table


By embracing the challenges of international SEO and implementing a strategic approach tailored to the unique needs of holistic health consumers and trainees worldwide, HMI successfully unlocked new opportunities for growth and influence on a global scale.

This case study underscores the transformative power of international SEO in expanding the reach and impact of institutions dedicated to holistic medicine, paving the way for continued innovation and engagement in the evolving landscape of holistic health and wellness.

Holistic Medicine Institute – International SEO

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