Dublin SEO Consultants offer SEO consulting for businesses in Ireland, to help you increase your ranking and traffic. SEO expert guides, advise and educate you on how to deal with SEO within your business.


A dedicated SEO consultant can help your business website in several ways, from on–site SEO to off–site SEO and technical SEO. Consultants can help you to ensure that your website is optimised for search engines, helping you to attract relevant traffic and achieve a high ranking. They can also help you create relevant articles and ensure that your website has high-quality links, improving your domain authority. Ultimately, a consultant can help you to get your business goals and improve your online visibility.


Schedule an appointment for the first meeting with our best search engine optimization consultant in the form of a video conference or a phone call. We can also meet you directly. We will get acquainted with your problems and help you solve them. We will define the project’s key goals and estimate the necessary resources. We will explain the SEO strategy and what we can achieve in your project.


Then we will conduct a website audit and check the competition. The price is discussed individually and depends on the website size and structure. We approach each website individually because there are not the same websites.


We present you with an SEO report and help with understanding. We discuss the results and set out an action plan. The comprehensive strategy includes website components, technical optimization, link building, architecture, and high-quality content creation.


We set the terms of cooperation and the competitive price of the SEO service. We start an SEO campaign in subscription, as part of which we take care of your website. We present our work’s results in pre-set periods (usually monthly).



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After receiving your message, we will already know your website address, and an SEO expert can initially determine the profile of your business activity. We have the data we need to start preparing for the meeting.


SEO specialist conducts an initial site audit

Your time is valuable, so we prepare for a meeting by collecting data from your website to avoid wasting it. We check your web pages, understand your industry and recognise your competitors. An initial website audit is free of charge.


We can meet for the first time

Our Dublin SEO professional is ready to start SEO consultation. An expert will explain the basic strategies and what we can do in your project. e begin with an hourly appointment to define the project’s aims and estimate the necessary resources.


We conduct comprehensive SEO Audit

Our SEO specialist carries out an in-depth-Site, Off-Site and Technical SEO audit and makes an SEO assessment. It’s always priced individually, depending on the website size, type of website and architecture.


We discuss the report and SEO strategy

The SEO specialist will meet (online or directly), during which we will discuss the results. We set out an action strategy including technical optimisation, keyword research, architecture management, On-page, link building and content writing.


SEO expert starts the project

Depending on the needs and mutual arrangements, we undertake subscription cooperation to look after your website. During this time, our consultant provides practical tips, shares knowledge, trains you or your team, and explains how to deal with it in the future.


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About our consultants

We gained experience working as SEO specialists in a digital agency operating under the SEO companySEOWizard. We mainly work with eCommerce, startups and SMBs. We specialise in PPC and social media marketing. We can access all the necessary resources daily or effective search engine optimisation by running our own SEO services company.

We have learned over the years that in SEO, all projects are different, and no cases are the same. Therefore, we approach each client individually. This is related to the fact that each industry, niche, website, company model and, above all, business purposes are different.

All these factors make it very important to conduct an in-depth analysis initially and adequately assess the condition of the web pages. SEO report considers all areas such as relevant keywords, On-Site, technical SEO factors, architecture and competition analysis.

Let’s work together

We invite you to cooperate if you are interested in only selected aspects, such as link building, SEO audit, content writing, or separate SEO areas.

If you are looking for a SEO couch to conduct training or workshops for your team in the company, we will be happy to organise it.

We are at your disposal if you need an independent opinion to check the results of your team’s performance in the company.

We always consider the client’s business model and sales targets. Together with my SEO agency team, we can help you with web design or website redesign, UX optimisation, PPC and social media management.

We use only White Hat SEO techniques to ensure the results of our work stay for a long time. We complete the job and show you how to track and read your site.


We will advise you on the right tools and help you choose them optimally. We will teach you to use them. We will show you how to create effective SEO strategies. As a professional consultant, we will help you choose a strategy to gain your organisation’s business goals.

Individual SEO consultation for companies is a great way to organise knowledge and plan the processes affecting the website ranking in the Google search engine. An interview regarding your needs precedes each meeting.

An hour of a one-time session costs 80 euros. We are flexible, so we offer discounts or free of charge if you decide to use our service.

We help in dedicated basic training in optimisation, keyword research, content, creating content plans, audits, strategies and tactics, technical aspects, On-page SEO, and natural link-building strategies. We also advise in the area of digital marketing. Schedule a meeting today if you are interested in cooperation in these areas.



If you want to improve the visibility of your website in organic search results but do not know what you will need to make your web page appear in the Google search engine, you should be interested in an SEO consultation. It is individual support for your business in search engine marketing. The SEO expert’s task is to advise on activities you intend to take in the future, find answers to your questions, and find a solution.

SEO Consulting applies not only to the website’s ranking but also to educating the basics of search engine optimisation. Our consultation includes developing an SEO strategy for your business and digital marketing support. Additionally, explain the operation of essential tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console and propose professional diagnostic and monitoring tools.


You find this web page because you type: SEO experts, “SEO consulting”, “SEO consultations”, SEO expert in County Dublin. SEO Consulting is an integral part of any SEO campaign. If you are looking for a person with extensive SEO industry “know-how”, up to date on current trends, and can boast about their work results, feel free to reach us.

Optimising a website for search engines can significantly increase the chances of getting more visitors and generating more revenue. A good consultant can work with the client to understand their needs, the level of competition, and what they want to achieve through their digital marketing campaign. They will then be able to implement a plan to help them grow their site’s organic traffic and revenue sustainably for both parties.

Search engine optimisation (SEO strategy) is a process of improving a website’s organic ranking on search engine results pages. We are an SEO consultants based in Dublin, Ireland. We help businesses with their online marketing strategies, including optimising websites for search engines, web design or re-design and digital strategy. They should also have experience with Google Adwords, which can help them determine how much money they need to invest upfront to generate enough visitors at the desired level of quality.

SEO consultant can help businesses with all the necessary steps to optimise their website for search engines, create content that will keep them on top of the rankings and also help them generate more leads.



Choosing the right SEO consulting in Dublin is more significant than many can imagine. Search engine optimisation keeps your site indexed and ranked in search engines and gets you organic traffic. Without it, your side is either dead or struggling to survive, hoping to get noticed.

The SEO area is very complex and is constantly expanding. SEO uses various search engine optimisation tactics with varying levels of effectiveness. Consequently, before hiring an SEO expert, you must ensure you get what you need. It is worth being sure that a person or agency possesses essential content marketing and marketing strategy knowledge. Read more about “how to hire the best search engine optimisation consultant “?


No, we cannot guarantee the first page on Google. Why? Because nobody can! There are dozens of SEO companies that try to attract clients by promising the first page or top 3, so if you meet them, run away!

However, we can show you the results of our SEO works, and you can also call our clients for references. We are proud that 100% of our customers are still with us, and all of them are on the first page on Google. We have a proven track record. Check our proven case study.

We can guarantee that your website will be properly optimized for search engines and that you will receive quality traffic from your marketing campaigns.

What kind of websites do you optimise?
We optimise all types of websites such as eCommerce for online business, small and medium-sized business websites for local SEO and nationwide SEO, directories, enterprise websites, and new websites.

Will you help with Google Ads campaign?
Yes, Google Ads is one of our regular services. We can run a campaign for you.