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We are eCommerce website design company for businesses in Ireland, our eCommerce web designers provide custom-made eCommecre that bring the best of both aesthetics and functionality. We use the highest standards to build e-commerce sites that fit your unique business model.

Our eCommerce website design solution and expert development services ensure secure transactions, making them ideal for direct shipping, virtual products, international sales and dropshipping. We specialise in creating scalable e-commerce sites that are simple to maintain, manage product catalogues, and link with various payment systems.

WordPress Platform

The most frequently chosen CMS for creating online stores

Unlimited Expansion

Virtually unlimited possibilities for eCommerce development

Intuitive for Your Cients

Transparent and smooth purchasing process leading straight to payment

SEO Ready

Professional search engine optimization gives a good boost from the start

eCommerce Pricing


Start From €1,200

Tailored for new online businesses, a curated set of essential eCommerce features makes sales straightforward and effective.

Payment Option Available

Suitable for Small businesses


Core eCommerce Features: Basic product management, payment gateway integration, responsive design for mobile and desktop.


User-friendly Design: Intuitive navigation and user interfaces, optimised for speed and usability.


Basic Security Features: SSL certification, secure checkout process.


SEO and Marketing Tools: Basic search engine optimisation, social media integration, email marketing setup.


Start From €6,800

Offers comprehensive solutions for top-tier online stores to design a more robust and scalable eCommerce platform.

Payment Option Available

Suitable for Medium-sized businesses


Advanced Customisation Options: Custom templates, advanced product variants, personalised user experiences.


Enhanced Security Protocols: Advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, regular security audits.


Scalable Infrastructure: Cloud hosting solutions, content delivery network integration, database optimisation for high traffic.


Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting: Real-time data analytics, customer behaviour tracking, detailed sales and marketing reports.


Multi-channel Selling Support: Integration with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and multi-platform POS systems.


Start From €14,200

Cutting-edge solutions for leading the market, the highest level of service and capabilities for large enterprises.

Payment Option Available

Suitable for Larger businesses


State-of-the-art Technology Integration: Latest web technologies, AI-driven recommendations, IoT integration for advanced user interactions.


Highest Tier Security and Compliance Features: Compliance with international standards, dedicated security teams, enterprise-grade data protection.


Full-range SEO and Marketing Suite: Advanced SEO strategies, integrated digital marketing campaigns, influencer partnership programs.


Dedicated Support Team: Priority support, dedicated account manager, technical and strategic assistance.


Enterprise-level Scalability: Robust architecture for handling massive scale, automated resource allocation, global expansion readiness.

Responsive Technology


The design of your new eCommerce store should be appealing and easy to navigate in order to make a positive first impression on customers. Additionally, it should be designed responsively so that it works well across all devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones.

Responsive eCommerce website design in Ireland allows customers to enjoy a seamless eCommerce experience regardless of their device. There’s no need for them to zoom, scroll or adjust their screens, as your website will automatically do that for them, delivering effortless shopping across any device.


Great Functionality


Well-developed eCommerce design should be intuitive for users, easy to navigate and provides a great user experience. It should also provide a seamless checkout process and payments.

Your eCommerce website will have all the necessary functions for online business requirements. We can add elements depending on your individual needs. We are happy to advise and help you choose the modules to increase your sales and visitors’ engagement.

Admin-friendly CMS


We build your eCommerce on WordPress CMS (content management system) and WooCommerce. It’s the perfect combination that helps business owners independently manage eCommerce website content. You will not have to rely on experts or programmers whenever you want to make changes or updates.

Thanks to CMS, you will efficiently and independently manage your new eCommerce website. In addition, we will train you on how to use CMS in stock management, product descriptions, orders, customer accounts and everything you need to administrate an eCommerce business. You will save time and money in the long run.


Secure Payment


One of the most essential things while shopping online is security. There are many ways to ensure that payment data is safe and secure. We will connect different secured payment options on your eCommerce website.

Your customers will be able to make safe buy your products using credit cards or PayPal. SSL certificate will encrypt all connections to your eCommerce store and transactions.

Ultra-fast hosting


We offer hosting and cloud services. It will positively impact the smooth operation of your eCommerce and a great client experience. Cloud hosting for an eCommerce site will also facilitate your work when using CMS. There are many reasons why you should choose this solution:

Scalability – cloud computing meets the dynamic needs of e-commerce.

Stability – high reliability of cloud solutions ensures that you can feel safe, even during huge spikes in traffic.

Security – although cloud solution providers’ offers differ, it is worth remembering that the Cloud is a guarantee of safety.

Speed – nearly 80% of buyers who are not satisfied with the pace of the website are less likely to buy again on the site. Cloud allows you to improve your eCommerce website efficiency.

Savings – adequately planned and implemented Cloud in e-commerce can significantly reduce hosting costs compared to traditional solutions.


eCommerce Shop Support


We will not leave you unattended when your eCommerce website is complete and launched. At SEOWizard, we offer full technical, substantive support and eCommerce website maintenance services. Additionally, we provide training and eCommerce website support in developing your eCommerce platform.

eCommerce SEO (search engine optimisation)


SEO services for eCommerce businesses have been around for some time and are essential for ensuring that your website and products are visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). Even the best eCommerce website in Ireland will not fulfil its purpose if it is invisible to potential customers.

To get off to a good start, we offer an initial search engine optimisation service, and we can also provide ongoing monthly SEO services to improve your Google ranking. Our comprehensive approach to SEO ensures that all of your needs are met in one place.

Effective SEO requires hard work and dedication, including content writing and marketing. However, the effort is worth it when it comes to boosting traffic and increasing conversions. Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest SEO techniques and strategies to help your eCommerce business achieve its goals.

From keyword research to on-page optimisation, we can help you reach your target audience and get the desired results.



Building eCommerce requires professional skills and expertise to create a practical and attractive eCommerce site selling products. We take into account all factors that will affect future sales. We focus on user experience, interface, and eCommerce website design factors that affect conversions, customer service modes and SEO.

We make great eCommerce websites bespoke to your industry’s latest trends that will meet your business’s needs. In addition to standard eCommerce elements, our eCommerce web development team implement customised solutions to ensure you get what you need. Moreover, each e-commerce website we create is modular. Thanks to this, you can freely expand your store with new modules and features. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance. The finished eCommerce store project has a full warranty and complete technical and training support.

We always approach clients individually and offer solutions that work ideally in a given case. You can be sure that we will implement all the functionalities you need. For our eCommerce web designers, everything is possible!

ecommerce web design WordPress Woocommerce


WordPress + WooCommerce gives you everything you need to sell online. Probably the best of all eCommerce platforms. Get your modern online store with us. We will take care of its attractive appearance and functionality. The online stores we create are flexible, functional and user-friendly. Discover the solutions that will develop your online sales!


WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform built on WordPress. The WooCommerce eCommerce is an online store tailored to you and your product! The popularity of online shops based on WooCommerce is due to the ease of administering the store and selling products. And also the possibility of modification and development. In the WooCommerce store, you can sell physical and virtual (digital) products, and thanks to the multitude of plug-ins, you can customise them to each feature, type of payment and shipping. That is why people so eagerly choose WordPress to sell online.

Freedom of payment

Woocommerce offers many payment options for eCommerce stores, including PayPal, credit card payment and the ability to integrate with online payment gateways.

You sell what you want

With WooCommerce, you can sell any products, services or virtual products in your store.

Product management

You can administrate physical products and virtual services, modify them, and assign store managers to operate and manage specific products.

Analytics Tools

Track your activities and sales, collect information that may affect the performance of your store and that will contribute to increased sales.

The power of marketing

Allows you to plan promotional campaigns and create discount coupons for your store’s customers.

System flexibility

It is highly flexible, and it allows you to add a considerable number of additional functionalities to your store.



Online shopping has become an incredibly convenient way for consumers to make purchases on a daily basis. E-commerce can function both as an independent business model and a supplement to traditional sales channels. By implementing a professionally-designed e-commerce system, you can increase your sales revenue significantly and positively influence your brand’s perception among customers.

So if you’re considering launching an online store, you’re in the right place. Designing modern, user-friendly e-commerce websites is our speciality, and we know how to create online shopping experiences that convert sales to revenue. Let us help you tap into the immense potential of e-commerce and take your business to the next level.

ecommerce website design and development
ecommerce maintenance plan



An eCommerce maintenance plan is crucial for ensuring that your online store runs smoothly and continues to generate revenue. A top-tier eCommerce maintenance plan includes a wide range of maintenance services that keep your website up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. These maintenance services can include regular updates to software and plugins, security scans and backups, bug fixes, and uptime monitoring.

An eCommerce maintenance plan can also cover content updates, such as product descriptions, pricing, and promotions. With a comprehensive maintenance plan, you can minimise the risk of website downtime, data loss, and security breaches, all while improving the user experience for your customers. At the same time, you can free up time and resources to focus on other aspects of your business. So if you’re looking for the best eCommerce maintenance services available, consider a comprehensive eCommerce maintenance plan that covers all your needs.



Content Management Systems (CMS) are a popular solution for developing eCommerce websites as they streamline the development process and provide a user-friendly backend dashboard for easy management. With CMS eCommerce websites, you can create dynamic and engaging content sites while leveraging powerful e-commerce solutions to boost your sales.

CMS eCommerce websites are a great option for businesses looking to easily manage and update their products, pricing, and other relevant information from a centralised backend management system. This means you can focus on growing your business without worrying about the technicalities of website management.

With an intuitive backend dashboard, managing orders, tracking inventory, and updating product listings has never been easier. So, whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, CMS eCommerce websites are an excellent choice for building and maintaining your online store.



Responsive websites have been designed to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience across various devices, from desktop computers to mobile phones. In other words, responsive eCommerce websites adjust their layout and content delivery based on the size of the screen used to view them. This ensures that visitors have a positive experience no matter how they access your site.



What is eCommerce web design?

Ecommerce Website Design varies from €1000 to even €60,000. As a norm, it is assumed that it costs from €1500 to €5000 for a small or medium-sized company. It is impossible to define the cost of new eCommerce website development without detailed customer guidelines. It depends on many factors, such as the website’s size and purpose, the design’s complexity, and the advanced components you need. We can build eCommerce websites with ready content such as graphics, images, videos, and text is more straightforward. That all affect the final cost. Learn more about our SEO and web design or check other digital marketing services.


How long does it take to build ecommerce?

The time needs to design an eCommerce website depends on many factors. For example, complexity, communication quality between us, number of products, and revisions.


Could there be any further charges?

No, the final quote is agreed upon before the project is started. Further charges may arise if you want to introduce other functionality not provided in the basic version of the project. However, not necessarily. If this happens, we will agree on this before implementing any changes on your eCommerce website.


Will you train me how to update my new eCommerce website myself?

Absolutely yes. We will provide you with complete training on using CMS if you want. Thanks to this, you will manage the content yourself and make further changes. 


Will my eCommerce site work on tablets and smartphones?

Yes, your eCommerce website will be responsive, which means adapted to run on PCs, tablets and every smartphone.


Will you optimise my eCommerce site for SEO?

Yes, of course. One of our primary services is search engine optimisation; we will optimise your website to be ready for ranking on Google from the beginning. Remember, this is a pre-optimisation that will need to be adjusted in the future. However, we can give you great discounts for our clients, and we will be delighted if you entrust us with this task. You can rely on our eCommerce website designers!


Do you provide support after launching my eCommerce?

Yes. That is one thing that differentiates us from other web design agencies. You can contact us at any time. Our services include maintenance.

Our web design agency offers you full technical and substantive support after completing the work. We will answer any questions or fix anything you need. However, design changes or large-scale development are extra charged. We maintain many eCommerce stores.