If you open your own business, but you are worried that despite having a pretty good business idea, you won’t get enough customers to grow? You are in a good place


Your website can be the most powerful tool to present your company, products and service. Achieve the highest possible rank in search results with our comprehensive SEO services. Advanced social media marketing techniques can affordably promote your products or services.

New Website

  • Responsive Website
  • CMS
  • GDPR compliant
  • Standard Website APP Features
  • Domain, hosting and 2 email accounts

Leading SEO of Company

  • On-Page and OFF-Page
  • Setup Analitycs and Search Console
  • Key phrases research and content advice
  • Building citation flow
  • Monthly report

Social Media Marketing

  • Create and manage profiles
  • Advertising campaign
  • Listing in directories & GMB
  • Manage online presence
  • Get more leads


Web Design For Startups

We offer Information or complex websites

Not every business needs an extensive website. For new and growing startups or any companies, a simple information website with unique web design may be sufficient. It is important for providing the customer with the necessary information about the company. Regardless of whether you are planning to create a smaller or more complex website, you should realize that it will be the primary source of contact for most of your customers – both current and potential ones.


Why startups need a website?

Few reasons why you need a website: you can improve contact with clients, you show your reliability, on regular working hours you can only operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but your website 24/7, build your brand image, extend your service or product sales online, unlimited promotional options.

web design for startups
seo for startups

SEO For Startups

Make your website highly ranked on Google

SEO is to make your website highly ranked on Google and other search engines. High Google rank increase possibilities to attract customers and website visitors. It should bring the following effects: attracting traffic to your website generated by users important to you, maximizing the involvement of people visiting your start-up’s website, building your brand awareness, creating the reputation of your brand and of course Increasing your start-up’s profits.


Achieve the most important goals

The list above shows well the order of the goals you should try to achieve. They are related in such a way that the latter result from the achievements of those presented at the top of the list. In short: it will be difficult for you to increase the profits of your company if you do not attract traffic to the website and build brand awareness and reputation sooner. There may also be a sense of apparent success at each stage. If you attract a lot of traffic with SEO, but people who are not among the potential customers of your start-up, you won’t increase your profits. The same will happen if you only build popularity instead of reputation.

Social Media Marketing

Startups in social media

Social media marketing has developed its own specific tools and forms of advertising. It starts very simply – with creating a profile or website for your company, brand, or product. Many startups or entrepreneurs decide to create corporate accounts on social media and it is a very good move! The number of Facebook users alone is estimated at 1.5 billion, Twitter at around 500 million, and LinkedIn – at 400 million. So if you want to be visible on the internet, you can’t skip social media!


Startups promotion and profile management

Setting up a profile in social media is extremely easy. However, proper promotion and management of such an account is not such an easy matter and requires some commitment and creativity. In many larger companies, specially designated employees deal with running social media profiles. We can do it for you. It is worth investing in the image of your company on social media because it has uncountable benefits.

social-media-management-for startups


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Since SEO is a time-consuming process, there are some forms of paid classifieds that are super effective for new start-ups. From a conversion point of view, paid ads are the best place to allocate your advertising budget.

Google ADS

The main benefit of advertising startups or any other business in Google Ads is to precisely reach customers who are looking for your services and products when they need them. Google ads are always relevant and consistent with prospects’ searches. They also arrive exactly at the time when the customer needs your service or product. When you advertise in Google Ads, you have full control over your advertising costs.

You will not be surprised by unexpected expenses, because you can plan exactly how much per month you want to spend on advertising your business in Google Ads. We will advise you on what advertising budget is optimal for your company and will help you achieve your business goals. Read more about Google ads here.

Facebook ADS

Facebook Ads are paid content displayed on Facebook and Instagram social platforms. Sponsored ads appear in the news feed of users on desktop computers, on a mobile phone, and on the right side of Facebook viewed on a computer desktop. They also appeared now on Messenger if it’s integrated with our account. Facebook Ads are an excellent form of advertisement for startups or any new business because they are affordable and can be fully controlled.

Facebook is currently the largest social media platform, which has so far gathered over 2.5 million users in Ireland alone! It is forecasted that in the coming years, the Irish will still join the platform, where half of all citizens of our country are already present. The combination of these three websites is used simultaneously by over 3 million people.



A Good Offer

First of all, you need to develop an offer and prove that you really know each other about the products or services you offer. Only offer clients what you are really good at. In addition, evaluate products and services so that these prices are consistent with their quality. This way you will beat the competition and at the same time increase the number of customers. If you need help in developing an offer, we will be happy to help you.


Effective Advertising

Advertising today is the responsibility of every business. Potential customers need to spot you. You can advertise in many ways.

  • Create a company website and e-shop
  • Create and run a blog
  • Design a logotype, business cards and leaflets
  • Position the website
  • Run Social Media
  • Provide services in the field of content marketing
  • Create Content

Our offer also includes many other services. We provide all of them with professional advice. We help develop small and new companies, we advise on the selection of solutions and methods that lead to this.


Take Care Of Good Relations With Customers

Having a professionally developed offer effective advertising, all you need to do is take care of good relations with customers. Let them evaluate your services and products and encourage them to do so. Comment on their statements and allow them to express their opinions in different places. Take advantage of the new service – Google My Business Reviews.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We will help you develop your business and take care of its image, no matter what stage you are at. We are well aware that in these circumstances you may not have too much budget for this type of service. Nevertheless, we encourage you to contact us. After all, we are here to help small and new businesses!




Nowadays, new and small companies have difficult conditions to survive in the market, not to mention their further development. Competition is not always an obstacle. It is influenced by the costs of maintaining the company, as well as formal matters, which constitute a significant obstacle in running a business. In order to be able to maintain the company and succeed in the next step, it is necessary to increase the sale of services or products, which will bring greater profits and create the right conditions for its development. The only question is – how to do it?



If you open your own business, but you are worried that despite having a pretty good business idea, you won’t survive too long? Or maybe you already run a business but without much success? It is clear. Someone who has experience in a specific industry does not need to know much about sales or marketing, which is what you probably lack to grow your business and start achieving your first successes. Check how we can help you.
It is creating your own business website which is your business card and basic tool to inform potential customers about your products or services. We understand that even the best website will not work for you if nobody knows it exists. We make it visible on the internet and for your potential customers. With social media marketing tools, we help you promote your new business.