We offer extensive website maintenance and support services in Dublin and throughout Ireland By choosing our website maintenance service, you ensure that your business website remains consistently updated, secure, and technically proficient. We guarantee uninterrupted operation, stability, and full functionality of your website.


Website maintenance services require specialised knowledge and skills. Therefore, the guarantee of the stable work of the website is entrusting website maintenance tasks to specialists. You can focus on what you do best and leave the website to us. We carry out jobs quickly, and we are constantly available. Your website will be really in good hands.

We provide a very comprehensive approach to administration and website maintenance. We provide our clients with a wide range of services. They do not have to worry about anything because we carry out the entire web maintenance process for the website. We are extremely professional in website management and maintain everything from the highest Security Level, Stability, Regular Updates, Technical Aspects and Content Changes on client requests.


We offer three website maintenance plans available to fit any budget. Whether you need someone to update your content regularly or more comprehensive services such as website design and development, our website maintenance Ireland plans can accommodate your needs. Our website maintenance plans include regular backups, security updates, and website support.


Up to 24 hrs response time


Per Month

€450 per year (2 months free)

Website maintenance plan for all firms with a website that does not require frequent editing. They want to keep it in perfect service and appearance.

WordPress Updates
Theme and Plugin Updates
Daily Cloud Website Backups
Monitor Domain Name Renewal
Security Monitoring
Malware Cleanup
SSL Free Certificate Setup


Up to 12 hrs response time


Per Month

€950 per year (2 months free)

Website maintenance package for cases when the website is an integral part of their business. It requires editing, and its appearance and service are essential for brand recognition.

Everything Included In Standard Plan
Content Updates
Performance Scans and Speed Tests
Site’s Performance Optimisation
Company Email Accounts Support
Search Engine Optimisation *
Phone Support
Annual Website Evaluation Report


Up to 6 hrs response time


Per Month

€1950 per year (2 months free)

eCommerce website maintenance package for all the businesses that rely on a properly functioning eCommerce website, and website is a crucial part of the business.

Everything Included In Premium Plan
WooCommerce Updates
Products Adding and Delisting
Products Updates on Request
Search Engine Optimisation *
Key Metrics and Sales Analitycs
Monthly Reports

Our expert team is always on top of the latest trends, technologies and software updates so you can be confident that your site is always up to date. We keep an eye on your website’s performance in search engines and Google rankings. (* extra charges may be applied to maintenance packages). Implementing advanced SSL (secure sockets layer) may require additional fees. To get all the befits of maintenance packages, please contact us directly, and we will advise. We can also customise a web maintenance package to your business requirements.

How do I know if I need a maintenance website?

Regular maintenance checks by a professional can also help detect these and other potential issues early before they impact your business significantly. Keeping your website well-maintained is crucial for ensuring it remains efficient, secure, and capable of meeting user expectations. You can determine if you need a maintenance website by looking for several key indicators that suggest underlying issues or areas for improvement. Here are some common signs to watch for:


Slow Loading Times

If your website takes longer than a few seconds to load, it could indicate outdated or poorly optimized content, which can negatively impact user experience and search engine rankings.


Security Alerts

Any signs of security breaches, such as suspicious activity, unexpected changes in site content, or malware alerts, mean your website requires urgent security enhancements.


Outdated Content

If your website content, including blog posts, announcements, and product information, hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s time to refresh it to keep your audience engaged and ensure accuracy.


Poor Search Engine Rankings

A drop in search engine rankings can indicate SEO issues related to outdated content, poor site performance, or SEO practices that no longer meet current standards.


Error Messages

Frequent error messages or broken links are clear signs that your website needs immediate attention to fix these issues and start a maintenance website.


Software Updates

Regular notifications about pending updates for your CMS, plugins, or other software components are reminders that your website needs these critical updates for enhanced functionality and security.


Feedback from Users

Reports from users about issues navigating your site, completing purchases, or accessing pages should prompt immediate maintenance to address these usability problems.


Visual Issues

Problems with images not displaying correctly, misaligned text, or inconsistent formatting across different browsers and devices are signs that your website’s design elements need to be corrected or updated.


In Ireland, website maintenance costs encompass updates, modifications, and repairs essential for seamless site functionality. A website, much like a living entity, requires continual care to remain current and effective. This includes staying abreast of the latest technological trends through regular updates and adjustments.

For small businesses, typical maintenance packages average around €45 per month, while large enterprises may spend between €500 and €2000 per month. These expenses are usually incurred on a monthly basis but can also be arranged annually. Companies can manage these costs directly or opt to hire external vendors.

Several factors influence the total cost of website maintenance. One significant factor is the update frequency desired by the company. More frequent updates lead to higher costs. Additionally, the choice to expand the website by adding new pages can affect pricing, depending on the selected package.

Another consideration is whether the company is transitioning from another maintenance service provider. If so, there will be a period during which we will assume primary responsibility for the website’s upkeep, phasing out involvement from the previous support service.


All clients for whom we have developed websites, as well as any brand with an existing website, are welcome to utilize our WordPress website maintenance services in Ireland.

We provide specialized support directly through your website, implementing modifications as per your specifications. The timeframe for these changes ranges from a few hours to several days, depending on the extent of the work and the complexity of the requested updates.

Additionally, we handle all essential technical updates automatically—no input from you is necessary. These updates are crucial for maintaining the full functionality and security of your website. Key features of our WordPress website maintenance services include:


Stability and performance monitoring

As part of our website maintenance services, we routinely ensure your site’s optimal functioning. Our professional team checks for errors following updates to the website engine, extensions, or other add-ons. We also assess potential Google indexing issues, vulnerability to external attacks, and the integrity of connections with external services.


Wordpress and plugins updates

Updates are crucial for enhancing security, introducing new functionalities, and ensuring compatibility with the latest core version of the website platform. Regular implementation of these updates is vital for maintaining stable website operations. Neglecting to update can lead to significant issues.


Website Backups

Our website maintenance service includes regular backups on cloud servers, a crucial step in enhancing security and mitigating the risk of data loss. This ensures your peace of mind, as we can swiftly restore all information in the event of a system failure or security breach. The frequency of these backups is tailored to match the update frequency of your website.


Content updates upon request

Our website maintenance services in Ireland swiftly implement all essential updates, including changes to content, graphics, and multimedia. Whether it’s new services, pricing adjustments, or a complete business profile overhaul, we efficiently modify both the aesthetics and functionalities of your website to align with customer preferences.


Content matches your marketing goals

Our website management consistently keeps up with the latest trends in website development, ensuring a quick and adaptable response to changes. Our services include updating your site with new content, which we thoroughly check for SEO optimisation and accuracy to prevent any unexpected errors.


Website security

From the outset, we ensure your website is fortified against intrusions by installing the appropriate antivirus software tailored to your server specifications and website’s purpose. We protect your site from hackers and malware, continuously monitor security protocols, and enhance defenses when necessary.defences


Periodical Reporting

A website maintenance report is provided at the end of each maintenance cycle and offers a detailed review of all tasks completed, including updates to software, security enhancements, and modifications made according to client requests.

It highlights any issues encountered and the solutions implemented, ensuring transparency and keeping you informed about the health and status of your website. Additionally, the report includes performance analytics, which help track the website’s effectiveness and identify areas for potential improvement.

This proactive communication ensures that clients are always aware of how their site is being managed and facilitates strategic planning for future updates or changes.


Website maintenance and support are essential for many reasons. It can help keep your website running smoothly, ensure that your visitors can find the information they need, and help you troubleshoot any problems that arise.

This is a practice to encourage continued traffic growth and get new site visitors. In addition, web maintenance and support in Ireland can help you update your website with the latest information and security patches and provide technical assistance when needed.

The most essential is always providing the right and updated information for your existing prospective customers.



What is website maintenance?

Website maintenance involves regular checks and updates to ensure your website functions optimally. This includes updating software, fixing bugs, enhancing security, optimizing performance, and updating content.


What does website maintenance typically cost?

Monthly expenses can range from €45 to €500 or more, depending on your website’s size, complexity, and the extent of maintenance required to ensure smooth operation. Here are some examples:

For a standard business website with about 12 pages, routine maintenance might cost around €45 per month. This generally covers updates to the WordPress theme, plugins, and overall site, as well as security enhancements, SEO adjustments, and backups. Regular additions like blog posts and their optimization are also included, although frequent content updates are usually not necessary for such websites.

In contrast, a website that plays a pivotal role in daily business operations, marketing, and client communication might see maintenance costs around €200 per month. This type of website often needs numerous weekly content updates, spam comment removal, and daily backups of its database.

E-commerce sites, particularly active ones in Dublin and throughout Ireland, require the most intensive maintenance. Monthly costs for these sites typically exceed €500. Maintenance tasks include frequent product and price updates, daily site refreshes, and database management. Additional services might encompass monitoring product reviews and managing stock and orders based on the chosen maintenance plan configuration.


Do you provide maintenance for all types of websites?

Yes, we provide maintenance services for a variety of website types, but we specialize in WordPress websites. Our team has extensive expertise in handling WordPress-specific features, themes, plugins, and security updates.

Whether you’re running a personal blog, a business site, or a complex WooCommerce store, our tailored WordPress maintenance services ensure your site remains robust, secure, and operating smoothly.


Can I perform website maintenance myself?

While basic maintenance is possible by yourself, professional maintenance is recommended to handle complex tasks like security audits, code reviews, and performance optimization effectively.


Can I customise my maintenance plan?

Absolutely! We understand that every website has unique needs and requirements, so we offer customisable maintenance plans to perfectly align with your specific needs and budget. You can choose the services that are most important to you, ensuring that you only pay for what you really need.

Whether you’re looking to focus on security enhancements, performance optimization, content updates, or all of the above, we can tailor a maintenance plan that fits your website perfectly. This flexibility helps us ensure that your website functions at its best while keeping costs efficient for you.


Is website maintenance guaranteed to prevent all issues?

While no website maintenance service can guarantee complete immunity from all issues, regular maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of problems and minimizes potential impacts.

Our proactive approach ensures that most technical problems are identified and resolved before they can affect your website’s performance. This includes regular updates, security checks, and performance optimizations that collectively help maintain your website’s health and efficiency. Our goal is to provide the most stable and secure experience possible for your website.


Is website maintenance guaranteed to prevent all issues?

While no website maintenance service can guarantee complete immunity from all issues, regular maintenance significantly reduces the likelihood of problems and minimizes potential impacts.

Our proactive approach ensures that most technical problems are identified and resolved before they can affect your website’s performance. This includes regular updates, security checks, and performance optimizations that collectively help maintain your website’s health and efficiency. Our goal is to provide the most stable and secure experience possible for your website.


Do you provide reports on website maintenance?

Yes, we provide detailed reports post-maintenance that include summaries of the work done, issues identified and resolved, updates applied, and recommendations for future improvements.


Does your package cover maintenance of web design elements?

Yes, our service does include maintenance of web design elements. This specifically covers aesthetic adjustments and minor visual updates to ensure your website remains appealing and functional.

Please note that this does not extend to a full redesign, which would involve a comprehensive overhaul of the site’s layout, functionality, and visual identity. Our focus in maintenance is to refine and enhance the existing design rather than reconstructing it entirely.