SEO Case Study 50Hz


50Hz Photography is a professional photo studio specialising in commercial, product, eCommerce, and interior photography. An experienced team of 50Hz photographers has been working with the most famous brands on the Irish market for almost two decades. These include Elverys Sport, Life Style Sports, Ventura, EiraTech Robotics, Catering Disposables, RTE and many others.

The 50Hz photography website was professionally designed and well organised. The website appeared high in organic search results for general queries characteristic of the photographic niche. However, 50Hz specialises in a narrow section of this niche, commercial photography and product photography, so inquiries on Google for wedding photography or passport photos were irrelevant. Although entries from these queries generated traffic, the conversion could not be successful.

Additionally, the extensive 50Hz portfolio containing the names of clients’ companies generated unconvertible traffic, which increased the bounce rate. Moreover, they caused troublesome telephone and email conversions that could not be realised for apparent reasons.


Despite good overall visibility in the organic results, 50Hz Photography appeared on the keywords appropriate for a narrow niche in the fifth and down positions. Some keywords such as “commercial photography” or “advertising photography” did not rank.

By analysing the niches, we discovered that product photography, like eCommerce photography, is considered by some to be part of commercial photography. Similarly, advertising photography is related to product photography. The combination of these facts may have been reflected in user inquiries. And the people’s inquiries are a subjective reflection of the reality understood.

For example, someone referring to a product advertisement may automatically enter “Advertising Photography” in Google. However, bearing in mind the fact of photographing the product only. Someone else, however, may actually mean advertising photography, i.e. a photo in which the product appears in a creative form, encouraging directly to buy it. Both people enter the same query on Google.

In addition, we discovered that 50Hz is practically absent in industry directories and B2B directories and has an unoptimised profile in Google My Business.


Taking into account the above observations, we have introduced further changes and improvements:

  • We changed the website’s structure by adding two additional sections – commercial photography and advertising photography.
  • We analysed the keywords relevant to each service category.
    We removed keywords that did not reflect the 50Hz service activity in the niche.
  • We clarified the existing keywords so that they accurately describe the services.
  • We have added new keywords relevant to the new sections of advertising and commercial photography.
  • We have created new content around new keywords that precisely describe the services.
  • We have changed image names, alt tags and URLs to increase their visibility in organic results’ “Images” section.
  • As the website contains tons of pictures, we optimised them to speed up loading and user interactions with the website.
    We have optimised the speed of the website.
  • We have implemented an effective backlink-building strategy by creating a balanced and solid profile of links obtained from articles.
  • We optimised the Google My Business profile and created 50hz photography profiles in industry directories.


  • Significant increase in organic traffic for all defined keywords.
  • The website ranks in the top 10 “advertising photography” and related keywords nationwide.
  • Website ranks in the top 5 for “advertising photography” related keywords locally.
  • The website ranks in the top 10 “commercial photography” related keywords nationwide.
  • Website ranks in the top 5 on “commercial photography” related keywords locally.
  • All keywords specific to 50Hz Photography services will be in the top 3 search results. (see pictures below)
  • Significant increase in telephone and email conversions.
  • The site has stopped ranking on keywords not directly related to services specific to 50hz Photography.
  • The website maintains a stable ranking of all keywords and holds back growth for new keywords.

Organic traffic growth over time


Keywords tracking

Speed performance before optimisation


Speed performance after optimisation


The number of referring domains over time


The number of organic keywords over time



Search engine optimisation for 50Hz Photography was a complex challenge because the domain was already in high positions in Google for some keywords. SEO is entirely different for a website ranked 50+ or ​​not at all. The change of the website structure allowed us to successively distinguish 50Hz service categories and obtain precise traffic.

We have also successfully eliminated undesirable general traffic in favour of targeted traffic. By improving the loading speed and operation of the website and fixing technical errors, it was possible to reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of sessions and the number of pages viewed. As a result of these actions, the quality of conversions (messages and calls) has improved significantly.

We’ve practically eliminated “inappropriate conversions”. In addition, the optimisation of the Google my Business profile greatly influenced the number of customers willing to rent a photo studio for private sessions, workshops and training. We have built a solid profile of backlinks, a large part of which does not affect the site’s ranking yet, but it will happen in the following weeks and months.

SEO Case Study 50Hz

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