SEO Case Study Finglas Fuels


Finglas Fuels is the largest solid-fuel retailer and wholesaler in Dublin and one of the largest in Ireland. For almost a decade, it has been supplying smokeless coal, firewood, gas in cylinders, turf, and other fuel types. It is also an official Stargas Gases distributor in Dublin.

When Finglas Fuels contacted us, it was already well known to the local audience. However, the company’s ambition was to reach customers all over Dublin and ultimately deliver products from the Firewood Logs category all over the country. The company relied mainly on traditional advertising methods such as brochures, advertisements in local newspapers, and printed advertising banners. Conventional advertising methods did not translate into sales results and were very expensive.

Finglas Fuels already had a website, but it was not visible to potential customers. They had no idea about the potential of organic search conversions. They just wanted to improve visibility on the internet. We were asked if we could make Finglas Fuels appear on Google for people looking for a “bag of coal for sale in Dublin”.


Finglas Fuels sells heating fuels and, therefore, seasonal products. They also sell bottled propane, butane gas, beer gas, helium, oxygen, and industrial gas, all-year-round products. The peak of interest in this type of assortment falls in the winter months.

We saw potential in this. We believed that in addition to optimising keywords related to coal and firewood (essential products for business). We would also optimise keywords related to gas in cylinders and Stargas gases. This would allow a continuous visit to the website during the summer season and potentially translate into higher sales during these months.


After analysing the website’s current condition, general internet visibility, architecture and content, we developed a strategy considering the client’s budget, goals, and our own suggestions and ideas. We chose the right keywords corresponding to each product category and created descriptions of individual products and supporting content around them. We created separate pages specific to each product group. We made many changes to UX (user experience) and added CTA (call to action) buttons throughout the site. We gradually strengthened the website’s reputation by building a solid backlink profile. The strategy was supported by social media activity to increase brand awareness and generate additional traffic and acquire leads.


As a result of SEO activities, the website recorded a clear increase in organic traffic, which translated into a significant increase in sales and interest in products during the normal heating season and after. The project objectives were fully achieved and in some places even exceeded the client’s expectations. The most important of them are:

  • significant increase in organic traffic
  • a significant increase in the number of keywords in the top 3 in the following months. From 2 keywords to over 75 keywords
  • Significant increase in organic keyword ranking for over 450 keywords
  • Increase in the share of newly created product categories in organic traffic, which significantly translated into a better user experience and a decrease in the bounce rate by 39%
  • a significant increase in phone call conversions thanks to the improvement of the user experience and the deployment of CTA (call to action) in the mobile version of the website

Organic traffic growth over time

SEO case study FF (1)

Keywords tracking

Speed performance before optimisation

SEO case study FF (9)

Speed performance after optimisation

SEO case study FF (10)

The number of referring domains over time


Organic traffic over time



Overall, the results thus far have been both positive and significant. We’ve got great results for our SEO and we anticipate better performance for Finglas Fuels’’s website in terms of traffic growth and conversion to orders in a couple of months. We are glad that the results of our work measurably translate into the company’s sales results.

SEO Case Study Finglas Fuels

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