eCommerce SEO Case Study


 TechSpec Ltd is a leading seller of hoverboards, electric scooters, and electric bikes in Ireland. They have been selling the above products on the Irish market since 2013. The main distribution channel is an eCommerce shop.

For the first years on the market, they occupied the highest positions in the search engine. This situation has changed with the emergence of new competition and the simultaneous lack of any activities related to digital marketing and SEO. The website dropped its rank on Google, which directly impacted traffic and conversions.



As it turned out, the lack of any optimization measures for several years, not adapting the website to changes in the algorithm, and the emerging competition influenced the usability and effectiveness of the eCommerce store. The eCommerce store’s SEO audit and subsequent SEO assessment revealed numerous errors in all possible SEO areas. The site was poor in content, saturated with duplicate product descriptions and no industry-specific keywords. Random URLs were not containing product-specific keywords.

The most noticeable thing, however, was the speed of loading the website. The site was so slow that it is hard to talk about bad but any user experience. The backlink profile was weak, which resulted in low domain authority. We also noticed that the company has an inactive Google My Business profile and is absent from any major business directory. After determining the initial budget and SEO strategy, we started working.



Taking into account the above observations, we have introduced further changes and improvements:

  • Website migration to new ultra-fast cloud hosting
  • Search for keywords relevant to your industry
  • Search for keywords relevant to your products
  • Change of product descriptions, including keywords
  • Removal of duplicate content within the website
  • Renaming categories and page structure
  • Rename URLs from generic to those that contain keywords
    Removal of technical errors within the service
  • The page title and meta description optimisation
  • Reactivation and optimisation of the Google My Business profile
  • Support marketing activities on social media
  • Product integration on the website with Google Shopping
  • Implementing schema markup
  • Building a sustainable backlink profile with a focus on a guest posting
  • And many others



  • Website rank in the top 3 for over 65 keywords.
  • Website ranks in the top 10 for over 85 keywords, and the number is growing.
  • 2.5x more visitors compared to the same period in the previous year
  • 7.5x more impressions compared to the same period in the last year
  • The website is loading 36x faster than before optimisation.
  • Website general visibility on the internet increased significantly
  • Increased the number of transactions and phone calls
  • High increased the number of services such as “repair”

Organic traffic growth over time


The number of keywords in the top positions in Google


Keywords tracking

Speed performance before optimisation


Speed performance after optimisation


The number of referring domains over time


The number of organic keywords over time


Organic traffic over time



The eCommerce Techspec site has been neglected from an SEO perspective for a long time. Techspec did not take any action in response to changing trends and algorithm updates. This led to a situation in which, after a few years, when the competition grew more substantial and took decisive actions, it quickly overtook the longest-standing market leader.

Thanks to our efforts, it was possible to reverse it and surpass the competition again in some areas. The first part of the SEO process took seven months and was mainly focused on Hoverboards and electric scooters.

Electric bikes are the weakest part of the eCommerce store due to their small quantity and the spread of the SEO budget over time. In the next phase, we will focus on optimizing conversions and continuously enhancing the backlink profile and the electric bike category.

eCommerce SEO Case Study

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