Website Maintenance and Support

We offer comprehensive website maintenance and website support services. The website maintenance service is aimed at companies that already have a website and need professional care. Entrusting SEOWizard with the care of your website means that your company’s website will continuously be updated, secure and attractive. Our service guarantees continuous operation, stability and functionality.

Choose the best website maintenance package for your business

Website maintenance requires specialized knowledge and skills. Therefore, the guarantee of the stable functioning of the website is entrusting this task to specialists. You can focus on what you do best and leave the website to us. We carry out jobs quickly, and we are constantly available. Your website will be really in good hands.

We provide a very comprehensive approach to administration and website maintenance. We offer our clients a wide range of services. They do not have to worry about anything because the entire process of taking care of the website is carried out by us. We take care of everything from the highest security level, stability, regular updates, technical aspects and content changes for client requests.

Website maintenance packages and prices


€45.95 per month

(Up to 24 hours response time)

Plan for all companies with a website that does not require frequent editing, they want to keep it in perfect functionality and appearance.


€95.95 per month

(Up to 12 hours response time)

The website is an integral part of their business. It requires editing, and its appearance and functionality are essential for brand recognition.


€195.95 per month

(Up to 6 hours response time)

For all the companies whose business relies on a properly functioning website, and website is a crucial part of the business.

Professional technical and substantive support

All our clients for whom we have created a website, and all businesses that have their own websites, can use our website maintenance services. We offer specialized support over the website and introduce changes according to your wishes. Depending on the degree of interference on the website and the complexity of the changes you want to submit, the deadlines for work is several hours to several days. Of course, all technical updates that do not require your intervention, which is necessary to keep the website fully functional and secure, are introduced automatically. The most important aspects of our offer include:


We monitor the stability and functionality of the website

As part of the website maintenance, we regularly check its proper operation. We check errors that may appear after updating the website engine, plugins or other add-ons. We examine for possible indexing errors in Google and the possibility of external attacks, and the correctness of connections with other services if such ones occur.


We regularly update the engine, add-ons and plugins for the CMS

That is one of the critical issues in website administration. We constantly take care of the updates of add-ons and plugins to the content management system (CMS) used. Updates appear not regularly. Updates are essential for improving security, sometimes adding new functionalities, and sometimes adapting a given plugin to the latest version of the website core used to create the website. The stability of the website operation requires that these changes be introduced on an ongoing basis. Failure to do so can result in serious problems. The plugins may not fit together, which will permanently jeopardize the correct display of the page. Before applying the updated versions to the websites, we first check them for compatibility.


We make daily backups

We make regular backups on cloud servers, which is the fundamental activity ensuring security. We can quickly restore all information in a breakdown or hacker's break-in. Typically, the frequency of backups depends on how often it is updated. However, we also enable backup copies every 24 hours.


We introduce modifications and update the content on request

We ensure that all necessary changes to the website are made quickly, including updates to content, graphics, photos and videos. Changes may be related to introducing new company services, new prices or a difference in the entire business profile. It's not a problem for us. We make modifications to both the appearance and all functionalities of the website. Therefore, we are always ready to introduce changes according to the preferences of our customers. If you ordered a website in SEOWizard, we consider it when creating the website.


We check the latest trends and new content for compatibility with your marketing goals

We are also constantly following the latest trends in website development. Our professional website support also means a quick and flexible response to such changes. The administration of the website includes entering new texts on it. Our clients can entrust us with this task to be 100% sure that no unexpected errors will occur after introducing new content. We will check the text for you before inserting it to ensure it is optimized for SEO.


We make sure that the website meets all security requirements against hacker attacks

From the very beginning, we secure your website against intrusions. We make sure that the correct anti-virus software is installed. Depending on the hosting server specification and the properties and purpose of the website itself, we select the best possible security. Your website is protected against hackers and malware attacks. We monitor our security measures and introduce additional barriers if necessary.


We provide statistical reports

Our reports allow you to control the number of website visits and provide ongoing insight. They are about how visitors use the website, how they found it and what can be done to make them come back frequently. This is complex data necessary when preparing an effective marketing campaign or advertising creations. Reports include:

  •   number of sessions, number of individual users
  •   age, gender, interests
  •   city, country
  •   sources of acquired traffic
  •   the average duration of the visit
  •   bounce rate, number of visited subpages
  •   comparison of mobile and desktop traffic
  •   a summary of the traffic of new and returning users and many more.

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