Benefits of WordPress website for business and eCommerce

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) whose main advantage is simplicity and intuitiveness. It is user-friendly and allows website owners to manage content efficiently. WordPress powers over 64 million websites, and the number is growing steadily, proving its unprecedented popularity. Therefore, based on the WordPress platform, nearly 40% of all websites in the world work.

It is often used to create professional news pages, blogs and websites for any purpose. The WooCommerce add-on (WordPress + WooCommerce) makes it an excellent online store platform. Almost 30% of all online stores in the world are built on WooCommerce.

What is a CMS?

CMS (Content Management System), i.e. a content management system. Such a tool allows you to manage a website without advanced technical skills. 

Each owner of a website built based on this system may, after appropriate training, add and change the content himself, including text, graphics, photos, videos and other extras. The website itself can be extended with templates, themes, and extensions prepared by others, available for free or paid versions.

Advanateges of using a website built on WordPress for business

Ease of use

WordPress is equipped with a user-friendly administration panel (dashboard). Therefore, no coding or complicated scripting knowledge is needed to operate the website. The interface is visually organized on the picture above, so to explore sections, just click on the appropriate tab.

For example, the “posts” section allows you to manage everything related to blog functionality, i.e. the content of posts, categories, and tags. “Media” contains a library of everything about the graphics, pdf, video and allows you to organize them. The next tab is the “pages” responsible for managing the home page and subpages. WordPress has a dozen or so sections by default, which are expanded along with the development of the website. However, the management principle remains the same. The possibility of configuring the entire website is significantly increased, depending on the user’s needs.

The handling of Wordpres from the user’s point of view is, therefore, straightforward. However, modifying settings and adding new functionalities are usually associated with the design itself. Advanced settings, optimization, security and coding are better left to experts and designers.

Extensive technical support

Another argument that WordPress is a great CMS for the business is extensive technical support. This means, if a problem arises, you can find a solution on numerous internet forums dedicated to WordPress. The community is so vast and made up of so many WordPress enthusiasts that you’ll get a response quickly.

If you have problems with plugins, contact the publisher directly for help. They offer strong support for free plugins because they want you to buy the premium versions at the end of the day. Additionally, technical support is rated, so your high helpdesk rating will earn them more customers. Most problems will be solved within 24 hours if you have a paid version.

Remember that you usually get free support for 6 months, and I do not recommend buying it for a more extended period. Because if there are any problems, it will usually happen in the first period of use. The WordPress community operates in many countries, and the most extensive is the English language version.

Of course, there is no topic if you have agreed with the agency that did the website for you. SEOWizard offers free support to all its customers. You can also buy a website maintenance service from us for 200 euros per month, and you don’t need to think about it anymore.

Easily adaptable to your own needs

The vast availability of plugins is another advantage of WordPress. Thanks to them, you can expand your business website and adapt it to your needs. If you have a person trained by the agency or a competent website administrator, you can easily add functionalities and change your appearance.

What is a plug? This is nothing but additional program code made so that the user does not have to directly intervene in its structure. All settings are made with buttons, words or options. There are about 50,000 WordPress plugins, and new ones are being developed all the time.

Thanks to them, you can extend the possibilities of the website. This is why it is a great CMS for business. In addition, thanks to the plug, you can significantly expand the possibilities of the online store, but I will write about it in the following chapters.

WordPress Themes

Another great advantage of WordPress are themes, which are made up of templates. Themes are an essential part of WordPress because the appearance of a website depends on them. You can edit them and freely adapt them to your needs using plugins, overlays such as Elelmentor or Bakery Page Builder. Additionally, you can change them by writing HTML, PHP or CSS code. Themes are activated or deactivated with a single button.

Nevertheless, it is not recommended to change the themes completely, especially when the web series is ready. This is because not all add-ons are compatible with all themes. Also, if changes were made to the appearance and functionality from the developer level, changing the theme could end in a disaster. It is worth outsourcing the redesign or functional change to an agency or a specialist.

Theme authors often provide them with advanced administration panels, especially in premium versions (in free versions, advanced functions are usually unavailable). This allows you to simply change the look of almost every aspect of the website and the operation. It comes with additional visuals like colours, fonts or section width, and more.

WordPress multifunctionality

In the beginning, WordPress was intended to serve as an accessible website management system for bloggers. However, it evolved very quickly, became versatile, and took on a different meaning. WordPress’s capabilities have become virtually limited only by the active imagination of web designers and programmers.

With WordPress, you can build a website for a blog, online store, company directory, social portal, discussion forum, great business or information website. It is worth mentioning here some well-known brands that use this CMS for their needs. These include The Wall Street Journal – law section, Microsoft News, Sony Music, Reuters – blog section, Wolverine World Wide, Mercedes-Benz and many others.


WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin is a great online store. You can sell several products online and an extensive range typical for eCommerce.

The functionalities of WooCommerce, as well as WordPress itself, are practically unlimited. In addition, from the WordPress level, you can manage invoices, orders, deliveries, payments, warehouses, and everything connected with the eCommerce business service.

Many functions such as product card, payment methods integration, discounts, coupons, shopping basket are default. If you are interested in additional functions, you can use other plugins or the help of a developer from the agency.


Wordpres cannot be described in a short article. The aim was to present its flexibility and rich functionality. WordPress is undoubtedly a great content management system characterized by universality and wide application. Unless you plan to run a New York Times-sized website or a sales platform like Amazon, choosing Wordpres will be your best decision.

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