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Our SEO Dublin’s company provides the most affordable and comprehensive SEO services (search engine optimisation) for each type of business, online stores and e-Commerce. We aim to rank your website in organic search results and increase traffic and your company’s online visibility. If you have a site, but your competitors are ahead of you on Google, we can help. Maybe you are opening a business and want a good start and get more customers quickly.

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SEO Services for every type of business in Dublin

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SEO for SMBs

We offer SEO for small and medium-sized companies. This SEO is designed for companies doing well in business and looking to expand. SEO for small and medium-sized companies in Dublin is the perfect solution for your business if you want to sell your products or provide services and all over Ireland.

Don’t worry about the giants in your industry. Our SEO will allow you to compete with them effectively. Our Dublin’s SEO company understands that small and medium-sized companies have limited marketing budgets. We will adapt SEO strategies to your needs and financial possibilities.

SEO for SMBs is nationwide SEO with multiple geolocations if required. Our SEO professionals use advanced keyword research precisely for a region and build content around it.

For example, real estate agencies, transport, vehicle rental, shops and restaurant chains. Our SEO Dublin’s expert also implements a link-building strategy. Our SEO results in a significant increase in organic traffic, sales leads, recognition and sales.

eCommerce SEO Dublin

An eCommerce SEO Dublin is one of the most effective online sales methods. You will reach more customers for your online business by increasing your visibility and organic traffic. This will translate into profits and development.

We know that the visibility of products and categories is crucial for any eCommerce online business. Dublin SEO for eCommerce websites and online stores is our speciality. It requires complicated techniques and strategies. SEO for eCommerce is slightly different from regular SEO. An eCommerce SEO is a larger-scale project. This is usually national Ireland SEO services. In the case of a regular search engine optimization strategy, we can focus on the keyword list or the overall increase in visibility.

While conducting eCommerce SEO services, we deal with a significantly complex architecture, many pages and subpages, and often complex product categories. However, eCommerce SEO also creates more opportunities – more keywords, increased traffic, visitors, sales and profits.


SEO for New Webites

SEO for new websites aims to increase the visibility of your new website. This is SEO Dublin for companies with a new site and usually, despite the assurances of the website design companies, are not ready to start the race for top ten places.

We conduct SEO for new sites in a balanced and thoughtful manner to prepare the solid ground for the future. There is no question of any SEO boosters, especially in the case of young domains. It doesn’t mean cutting back on our SEO efforts and making them simple operations. On the contrary, our SEO company provides everyone with the same high-quality SEO. The only difference is to choose a different strategy.

Additionally, for everyone starting their business adventure, our Dublin SEO agency offers a 3in1 SEO package for start-ups combining website design or redesign, search engine optimisation and social media management.

It is vital to convince young companies of the value of digital marketing services and the future benefits of using SEO. Our SEO company can help you if you have a new site.

SEO for Local Businesses

SEO for local businesses is an offer for companies focused on local business. These companies have clients looking for services or products near the company’s headquarters.

SEO can be understood quite broadly as, for one company, local customers live around the corner or in the same neighbourhood, such as a hairdresser or a car repair shop.

For others, it may be the neighbourhood of an entire city or county, such as a furniture store or print shop. However, the goal is the same to raise your ranking in local search results.

As part of SEO for local business, our SEO Dublin’s company will create and optimise your account in “Google my Business” and Google Maps. This is a platform for local businesses to improve local search. We add you to local directories and get valuable backlinks from sites in your geographic area.

The right local strategy will help you build brand awareness in the company’s geographic area, gain more audience in the immediate vicinity and generate more income for your company. Learn more about local SEO for your Dublin-based business.


Enterprise SEO

SEO for corporations, i.e. absolute leaders, giants in their industry on the market. Unfortunately, achieving a high ranking in search results never guarantees that this situation will continue. SEO on this level involves many different challenges and thus different strategies.

Your competitors are never asleep and also conduct marketing activities. This is important for large companies with significant digital marketing budgets.

Enterprises can afford more significant improvements because they have a larger budget and can invest more in copywriting, graphics, and video. This type of search engine optimisation considers a faster pace of activities and intensive implementation of numerous improvements.

Therefore, you must understand that SEO and internet marketing should be ongoing and intensive. Usually, we dedicate a separate group of experts and use diverse link-building strategies, more sponsored articles and expert content from other reputable sites.

ONE business in One niche in One location!

Dominate organic searches with SEOWizard!

8 reasons why you should choose us

Our SEO is ethical! We cooperate only with One business in One niche and in One location!

SEO is not only a business for us; it is our passion. That is why we follow the principles of professional ethics in our actions. We cannot imagine the possibility of performing SEO simultaneously for two competing companies. We don’t know how other companies are doing. We have made this principle the most important and will never abandon it.

We have all the necessary experience and skills

We have been in the SEO Dublin’s industry for a few years as an SEO company. In some sectors, this is not much. However, considering the dynamics and speed of changes in the Google algorithm, twenty years of experience is not an advantage here. It can even be disadvantageous due to old habits developed over the years. In the SEO industry, what was decided a few years ago has nothing to do with today. Our SEO projects’ results are the best proof of our effectiveness. And the fact that 100% of our clients cooperate with us from the beginning only confirms it and brings us great joy.

We guarantee an individual approach

We provide an individual approach to each client. We understand well that each company is different and has its own goals. We try our best to fit into your development strategy and be part of it. Not only are we able to adapt to your marketing plans, but we will help you develop them. In addition, we know that each company has a different budget for marketing purposes. We are flexible and can adjust our strategies to your budget. We will help you achieve your goals by choosing our SEO.

Our SEO experts are always up to date

Our SEO Dublin experts are always up-to-date with the latest SEO changes. Google updates its algorithm around 600 times yearly, which translates to twice daily. Additionally, it introduces core updates several times a year. Most of the changes are insignificant and do not necessarily affect the ranking. However, some algorithm changes can significantly affect your position in the search engine and the overall approach to search engine optimisation. We are aware of this when planning SEO strategies. That is why our search engine optimization activities are flexible and adapted to the current changes in the algorithm.

We guarantee transparency of our activities

Our clients stay with us because we have simple rules and ensure full transparency. The developed effects for our client’s websites are permanent, which is probably the best motivation for long-term cooperation. We can be proud that all our customers have been with us from the beginning. We base our collaboration on good relationships, excellent customer service, availability, and results. Our SEO Dublin agency does not bind our clients with any long-term contract.

We only do so-called "White Hat SEO" following Google Webmaster Guideline

“White Hat SEO” is the only correct SEO! It is important to us that the effects of our work are as durable as possible and that your website is safe. That’s why all our optimisation techniques align with the Google Webmaster Guideline. The algorithm never reacts to various SEO specialists’ tricks immediately. Sometimes it takes weeks or months. If the optimisation was performed with the use of techniques inconsistent with the recommendations and principles of Google, you would not enjoy the high rank for too long. If Google imposes filters on your website, there are problems, and you can forget about high rankings for a few months.

Additionally, SEO will have to be done from scratch, first freeing your site from penalties. It will cost you a lot of time, effort and money. We do not expose our customers to such risks. Our SEO is effective and gives long-term results because we do search engine optimisation “right first time”.

We provide search engine optimization supporting services

Our Dublin’s SEO service experts are not limited to ranking your website higher in search results. A high position increases the visibility of your web pages and organic traffic, but it does not guarantee a conviction (buying a product or ordering a service). We have ambitions to be one of the best companies for SEO in Dublin, Ireland. That is why we support it by using SXO. SXO combines SEO and UX (user experience) and aims to improve conversion. Our digital marketing agency is working on transforming the obtained user traffic into buyers. For this purpose, we are also working on users’ experience on your site, improving its elements so that the path to conversion is as short and straightforward as possible. The name itself is conversion rate optimization (CRO).

The clarity in reporting the SEO results

Our reports are transparent and contain data, conclusions and interpretations. We know that raw data is not very useful without understanding the concepts used in search engine optimisation. That is why our SEO Dublin’s team do everything to make them entirely understandable. From the conclusions, you will learn about the progress and results, as well as further actions and possible changes. We report our activities cyclically, following a previously agreed schedule. Reports will be available in the customer panel, which only you can access. In addition, we will contact you regularly, especially in the early stages of cooperation.

Get to know our SEO process

Our SEO agency provides a thorough and successful pathway to getting a high rank. Our leading SEO is a complex process of improving the on-page, off-page, and technical SEO factors. They are all foundation areas in which optimisation affects a site’s search ranking. All works are preceded by setting targets and planning. We continuously monitor the progress and adapt the method to the changes during the project.


SEO Audit and Assessment

First, we deeply analyse your site. The audit allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website. The audits are necessary to develop strategies for SEO campaigns in the search engine for your target audience. We thoroughly examine the on-page, technical, and off-page SEO" profiles and previous optimisation work. Our SEO Dublin company team use the latest software combined with manual verification. The first audit reveals the condition of the web and is the basis for further actions. In the end, we prepare an SEO assessment. We provide a free SEO audit as part of the assessment. Read more about SEO audits.


Competititors Analysis

Next, we check your competitors' most potent and weakest sides, including target keywords around search volume, off-site profiles, content and online presence. We look for gaps and fields that we can use to benefit your website. Our digital marketing agency also avoids duplicating mistakes we found. This does not mean that we copy your competitors' strategies. On the contrary, we learn as much as possible to create a more effective plan that will give you a significant advantage and leave your competition behind. Analysing your competitors will help us understand better your target market.


SEO Strategy

Based on the collected information, we develop strategies. We use advanced to discover what cannot be seen with the naked eye. An earlier analysis of the competition and the industry allows us to determine the starting point. First, we decide what changes we can make to make the SEO campaign work as soon as possible. Then we make arrangements and spread them over time, remembering that the whole process must be natural. We set goals and activities and estimate the duration of the campaign.


On-site/Off-site SEO

We implement previously planned strategies affecting the site's ranking at this stage. We optimise "on-site" and technical aspects of your website. We ensure that the content contains all relevant keywords for its niche. Google evaluates websites in terms of their usefulness to users, which is why unique and exciting content on the site is essential. Your website's content must communicate the right message to the users and deliver value. Our SEO experts review progress, draw conclusions and make necessary corrections. You will see the first results in a few weeks.

ntural link building

Link Building

Building a valuable backlinks profile during an SEO campaign is a significant part of the SEO strategy. We do this phase already at the optimisation level, focusing on acquiring solid and durable backlinks. They will come from niches that are thematically relevant to yours. Our SEO team in Dublin take care of the right pace, diversity and quality of links. Backlinks are supposed not only to increase your website's authority but also to attract traffic. Link-building campaigns are vital in any competitive niche. That is why we care about your presence in social media, forums and business directories. Also, in this part, we clear so-called toxic links that may harm your site.


SEO Reports

The first report you will receive is an SEO assessment containing conclusions and interpretations of the SEO audit results. Subsequent periodical reports contain detailed information on the work progress and effects. Usually, these are monthly reports. We make the last report after completing the work. It includes results, conclusions and recommendations for the future. The reports are accurate, understandable and illustrate the results. We make them available in the client panel or send them by e-mail so you can follow SEO progress.

Our effective SEO - Your SEO benefits

Our SEO Dublin build the visibility of your website

All SEOWizard’s clients rank on the first page in Google. Moreover, they appear in the top 3 in Google search for the most important keywords for their industry. Our SEO company in can prove it! When potential customers search for the products or services online they offer, they find them. Join our satisfied customers and show your company on the Internet. We never promise first place on Google, but we do our best to make it happen. SEO services with our Dublin’s SEO agency means measurable benefits for your business online. You will notice positive changes.

Our SEO brings your website valuable organic traffic

SEO is one of the essential facets of any website’s success. It’s what brings your site valuable traffic and can help you rank higher in search engine results. Often, businesses invest heavily in SEO without seeing the results they want. This can be frustrating, but with our experienced team, you can be confident that your website’s SEO is in good hands. A strategic keyword research and site optimisation approach will allow you to reach people interested in your offer. We’ll find the right keywords and drive valuable traffic to your website that converts. Organic traffic from website visitors can be precious to businesses. It can help improve search engine results pages and keyword rankings, which can, in turn, lead to more website visitors. SEO Dublin experts can help talk about how to improve organic traffic and make the most of it.

Our SEO will increase the number of customer inquiries and sales

We’ll help you rank your website in Google search higher, making you more visible to potential customers. Visibility of the site or a large number of visits is not enough for us. We want to use effective SEO solutions to turn visitors into your customers. For this purpose, we optimise the conversion rate as part of SEO services (making contact or sending an inquiry). Thanks to conversion optimisation you will gain visits to the site and, most of all, new customers. Plus, we’ll help you create compelling content that encourages people to contact or buy from you. With our help, you can expect to see a significant increase in the number of customer inquiries and sales.

Our SEO will LEAD your business to success

We have specialised in SEO for several years, so we believe we are one of the best companies for SEO services for Irish businesses. Thanks to the cooperation with our Dublin SEO agency, many local and nationwide companies and online stores raised the position of their website, which translated into a more significant number of inquiries and transactions. Our SEO company in Dublin has helped many of our clients to increase their revenues, which translates into their dynamic development.

SEO is a way of promoting your brand and optimizing your website to achieve high rankings in local or global searches. Taking one of the leading positions for properly selected keywords related to your business will allow you to access potential customers. Increase the ranking of your company and gain more clients for your business! Verify the results of our work and the references.

SEO cost in Dublin

To determine the prices, we need a detailed analysis of all the conditions affecting the ranking for specific keywords. Only then it is possible to say how much SEO services cost. Example:

Our Top SEO company, while maintaining the highest standards, offers a transparent billing system based on a detailed analysis of the client’s needs.

When considering costs, you must remember that Search Engine Optimisation is a process, not a one-time job. We carry out the work comprehensively, and the effect is often visible after an extended period, although there are exceptions. To shorten this time, you can entrust this task to our experts. The bundles below are a clue because our approach to every business is individual and allows us to adjust the price to the client’s needs.

In most cases, the positive results can be noticed after about three months from the day when we start. It is also great to remember that SEO services should be continuous. This is why our SEO company is flexible in terms of prices. You do not need to sign any contracts.

Our SEO campaigns are neither cheap nor expensive. Our SEO Dublin is effective!

The price can be determined after verifying the ongoing level of adaptation of the site to the requirements of search engines, the website history and scope of competitiveness in the industry and the realistic possibilities of expanding the site. As a result, we consider each case individually.

Remember! The goal is increasing your website ranking in Google search is primarily to increase relevant traffic and thus more income for your company. The critical thing is that your site appears on top of organic results. If, after entering a given phrase, it seems at the top of the searches, there is a much greater probability that a potential customer will visit it.

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Activities areas involved in search engine optimisation

Several activities are involved in search engine optimisation campaigns, from researching and selecting keywords to use on your website to optimising your website content and structure to be more SEO friendly. Other activities include link building and social media marketing. Search engine optimisation is complex and time-consuming but very effective in improving your website’s visibility, organic traffic and rankings. Three primary areas are involved in successful SEO Dublin: on-site, off-site, and technical SEO.


On-page optimization refers to all the factors you can control on your website to improve your rankings. The activities concern the content visible to users and the site code optimisation. This includes your website’s title and description, the structure of your site’s navigation, and the quality of your site’s content. Few examples:

  • expansion and optimisation of the website content

  • enriching the content with keywords

  • meta title optimisation

  • internal linking structure

  • optimisation of h1, h2, h3 headings etc.

  • the website structure and many others.

The goal of on-page optimisation is to improve the quality of the website for both users and robots. At SEOWizard, however, we do not agree to compromises. We put users first. This is because there will be little benefit from visiting your website if a potential customer does not find what they are looking for. There will be no conversion (purchase or contact).

Content marketing is essential for providing visitors with high-quality content. People are looking for unique, compelling descriptions of products and services, guides and valuable information.


Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing a website for Google searches using techniques that are unrelated to direct on-site activity. So these are activities performed outside the company’s premises. However, this includes not only link building, as most people think but also social media signals and brand mentions on other online resources. Off-page SEO aims to give your site credibility and build its authority.

At SEOWizard, we obtain links from many places and try to make them diverse. These are usually guest posts, company directories, company lists, industry forums, and more. We also use our link-building facilities. The most important thing is maintaining the right pace and quality of the linking pages. OFF page optimization is one of the foundations of SEO strategy and has a powerful influence on website ranking in Google searches.

Technical SEO

Technical optimisation is the activities we perform within the website. Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website for indexing and ranking by search engines. This is usually associated with improving the site’s structure and architecture, improving the code’s quality, and providing site access for crawlers.

Technical optimization also means speeding up page loading, correct page URL addresses, eliminating technical duplication or fixing errors that prevent proper page indexing. At SEOWizard, we emphasise properly implementing structured data (, making it easier for search engines to recognize the page’s content.

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Mobile First

As the use of mobile devices to surf the internet continues to grow, every business owner needs to consider our services. Mobile SEO refers to optimising a site for ranking for mobiles like smartphones and tablets. Mobile first SEO (optimization of the mobile website) is the adaptation of the mobile version of the website to the search engine in terms of elements associated with search engine optimisation.

These include the appearance of the website, its structure, site loading speed and content. If your website is not well optimised for mobile devices, it will hurt your site. This is because about 70% of all searches on the internet come from devices such as smartphones. If users find your page in the results of mobile searches and after clicking, they wait a long time for the page to load, they will drop it.

This will harm the bounce rate. What’s worse. If your website is displayed in the browser, Google automatically changes the title. They may not click on it at all. (Google automatically matches the titles, for example, when your titles do not have the appropriate number of characters or do not match the content on the page). Not many people know, but the SEO ranking is different for desktop and mobile devices. We optimize all the factors that have an impact on mobile ranking. Let us ensure that your website appears highly accessible on mobile devices.

SEO Ranking factors

To attract the attention and interest of an audience, websites should be visually attractive and functional. However, a beautiful graphic design or site layout is not enough to get a new audience. There can be dozens of firms like yours, and many niches are highly competitive. This is especially true of big cities, such as Dublin, where more and more entrepreneurs’ websites are added monthly.

Your brand visibility in the Google SERP results for specific phrases depends on about 200 Google’s ranking factors. They can be grouped into four areas:

Improving the technical quality of the site, Building a natural structure of internal and external linking, and creating and implementing unique and valuable content on the web around selected keywords.

Search engine optimisation involves many necessary tasks to complete. All jobs are crucial. Therefore, referring to an experienced expert who provides successive SEO Dublin is beneficial. So if you are looking for the right digital marketing agency to cooperate with, reach us now. Our SEO agency guarantees reliability and transparency.

The most common questions

They are programs that primary function is to return specific information for a typed query. The operation currently relies on advanced algorithms that evaluate websites based on hundreds of factors. This way is, determining the ranking and their matching for the query.

That is important and most effective when on-site and off-site activities are provided in parallel. It needs to emphasise that the Google algorithm often transforms. Therefore, search engine optimisation is a process that should constantly adjust to requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation aims to achieve the highest possible rank in Google results pages to attract significant organic traffic. When we talk SEO, it means several works must be performed inside and outside the website, contributing to a positive assessment by the crawler. In most cases, achieving satisfying visibility for keywords that describe a given industry, profession, or topic needs a lot of time and resources. SEO is one of the essential parts of digital marketing.

It usually consumes several months to achieve satisfactory results, although there are cases where the process is shorter. You need to invest in SEO to be at the top and benefit the most from organic traffic.

There is no set answer regarding how much services should cost. Many factors such as the size of your website, the competition in your industry, and the amount of work required to achieve results will all contribute to the final price. However, SEO Dublin services typically range from €200-€1000 per month. There is no definitive answer to how much good SEO work should cost. This is because the SEO tasks can vary significantly in scope and difficulty, and the Google rankings businesses aim for can also vary greatly. Generally speaking, companies should expect to pay more for SEO services targeting higher Google rankings.

You can schedule the meeting by calling us or via the form on the website. Filling in the brief makes our job easier because we have a picture of your expectations. Next, we will assess your site to identify gaps and assess the scope of SEO. Simply call our office, and we will propose an action plan.

We are one of few SEO agencies that provide all our services across Ireland. Distance doesn't matter to us. We are happy to help all over Ireland. 

All our plans are primarily a guideline. We always go beyond the strict framework. However, this does not affect the previously agreed cost. It is happening because everyone is different and gets individual treatment. The marketing trends, Google search classification formula updates, and others change over time. So we must adapt to the current circumstances but always give more.

There are no SEO Dublin companies, SEO freelancers,  SEO consultants or magicians that can guarantee the top 10. Google warns against agencies or freelancers that guarantee top one. Simply ask us for proof of work, results and references. We have them for you! We are always looking for optimal solutions to implement Google's best SEO practices to rank your website as high as possible. Our digital marketing company always calculate real chances before we start work. We check your competitors.

The primary purpose of the initial meeting is to recognise the client's needs and preliminary identification of the site. A brief introduction to your business niche. Consultation is usually taking about 60-90 minutes. That is enough for SEO consultants to provide an essential opinion. Sometimes the conversation may take longer. That usually happens with big websites and when we first analyse the new client. That requires additional minutes to clarify all definitions and dependencies.

Our SEO Dublin company belongs to trustworthy agencies so you can check our references. Besides, before you decide, we recommend checking what steps you should go through to employ SEO professionals. 

No. You don't unless you want to. We are sure of our effectiveness. So you don't take any risks.

Our SEO agency is famous for brands looking to increase their ranking. We achieve it through different techniques, like on-site optimisation, content marketing, social media management, etc. Our SEO company can help you improve your website's SEO ranking by making sure that you're using the best SEO practices. Choose the service you need, and leave the rest to us. When you finish your website, we train you on using Google Analytics and the Google search console. We can also recommend you monitoring tools that you can use yourself. Our SEO agency provides content marketing services and Google Ads (before called Google Adwords). You will also have discounted access to web design and re-design services by choosing us. Check also SEO London, SEO Cork, SEO DundalkSEO Belfast, and SEO Dublin. Talk to our SEO consultant.

Following the industry specification and webmaster guide, it usually takes 6-12 months to get the right results when you opt for SEO services. We only use techniques that take time but are safe and solid. However, sometimes it can be quicker. Choose our SEO Dublin!